Shotguns at Dawn

This map was created for Quake 4. It is a fast paced multiplayer map suiting 2-4 players. It's weapons list includes the machine gun, shotg...


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This map was created for Quake 4. It is a fast paced multiplayer map suiting 2-4 players. It's weapons list includes the machine gun, shotgun, railgun, and rocket launcher. The map has many jump pads and a few surprises for the unitiated. It was created by Draxel for fun but will be entered into the VIA/S3/Doom3World mapping contest. Please give it a shot and send some feedback. Read the included readme for more info.

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Download '' (2.49MB)

Date: 29.December 2005 

Instructions for Play: 
Unzip the draxel_dmblue42.pk4 file to your quake4\q4base folder is.
You should be able to select the level "Shotguns at Dawn" from the quake 4 multiplayer menu. 

Title                   : Shotguns at Dawn
Filename                : draxel_dmblue42.pk4
Author                  : Jonathan Burke (Draxel)
Email Address           :
Additional credits	: I am using VIA's readme format, so I guess thanks to them.  I will be entering this into the Doom 3 World, VIA, and
                          S3 mapping contest so thanks to all of them too for giving the mapping community an incentive to make quality maps. 

This is the first run through with the level and there are no .dds files since I haven't had time to create them.  I created a few using the
compressonator but the specular was all messed up even though they seemed to be close matches to the originals.  I will look into creating .dds files 
in the future but due to time constraints the textures accompanying this map are all uncompressed.  That said, the map ran fine on the test setup I used,
which was limited most by its GeForce 5700 graphics card.  There are very few lights and therefore the light detail level was not considered.

Gameplay specifics:
Shotguns at Dawn is a space map with many jump pads and is inspired from a Quake 3 map that I have never released.  The original map was intended for

more players.  It was never finished and much of it was used in this map.  This map was also inspired by the Longest Yard(q3dm17).  It was intended to 

capture some of the fun elements of The Longest Yard while still providing a different flavor of gameplay.  The consequence for falling off the level

is no longer death but 60 damage and a teleport to the top of the level.  You better move quick to avoid telefragging.  I may adjust the fall damage

between now and the January 10th, when the final release will be available.  I am worried less skilled players or players not familiar with the map will

fall too much and scores will be low or negative.  If this is found to be the case please e-mail me at  The fall damage may be lowered

as a result.  Comments are welcome, however, at any time.

The jump pads of the four center platforms all have ramps around them so be careful when skip jumping.  They are all made to be easily reached from other

platform jump pads so the time saved by skip jumping to them is usually minimal and unnecessary.  So if every so often you find yourself skipping off to

oblivion using a double jump don't cry.  You've been warned.  

Please try trick jumping wherever possible.  There are a few trick jumps I know of that I either stumbled upon or planned.  

Please send any other advice or comments to   

Editor(s) used          : Quake 4 Editor
Build time		: 2 months off and on 

**Note:  The new textures were mostly ones I made a while back for Doom 3.  Feel free to use them in anyway you
         see fit.  I don't care if you use them, duplicate them, change them and use them, but please credit yourself
         for any changes.  The specular maps for a few textures, mainly the shiny metallic one used for the trim in this map,
         are kind of crappy.  I would probably suggest getting rid of the specular for that texture and possibly and creating your 
         own or going without it.

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