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SPstyle is a mod for Quake 4 that tries to add the feel and style of Quake 4's singleplayer mode to multiplayer. If you liked how singlepla...


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SPstyle is a mod for Quake 4 that tries to add the feel and style of Quake 4's singleplayer mode to multiplayer. If you liked how singleplayer played, you'll probably like this mod.

Quake 4 Point Release 1.3 required!

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Download 'spstylev4.zip' (2.25MB)

  SPstyleV4 -- by Skutarth


If you do not have it, look at id Software's website:

Extract the folder SPstyle into your Quake 4 directory.
Then select the mod through the mod menu on the
main menu.

Alternatively, you can run SPstyleV4.bat included in the
zip to start up the mod. Again, just place it into your
Quake 4 directory.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you're not extracting the folder or
its contents into your q4base directory!


 SPStyle V4
-Hyperblaster mod not attatched to weapon depending on CVar
-Dark Matter Gun now cannot be fired until fully reloaded
-Removed "New Game" and "Load Game" strings from main menu
-Tweaked gameplay to be a little faster
-Updated for use with the Quake 4 1.3 Point Release
-Removed net_giveHyperBlasterBounce
-Added net_giveWeaponMods
-Added net_armorDecay
-Added net_healthBonuses
-Made SPStyle CVars archived

 SPStyle V3
-Disabled "New Game" and "Load Game" on main menu
-Tweaked gameplay (falling damage, most notably)
-Fixed weapon clips not resetting on respawn
-Added helmeted Medic and Tech marine skins
-Changed default marine skin to use the SP marine skin
-Added net_giveHyperBlasterBounce CVar for admins
-Updated for use with the Quake 4 1.2 Point Release

 SPStyle V2
-Fixed HUD
-Fixed weapon clips

 SPStyle V1
-First release


This can only be set by the server admin!

net_giveWeaponMods works as a bitflag.
Start at 0 and add each weaponmod with the corresponding number:

1   wpmod_machinegun_ammo
2   wpmod_shotgun_ammo
4   wpmod_hyperblaster_bounce1
8   wpmod_nailgun_power
16  wpmod_nailgun_seek
32  wpmod_rocketlauncher_homing
64  wpmod_railgun_penetrate
128 wpmod_lightninggun_chain


Players will get all weaponmods:
net_giveWeaponMods 255

Players will only get wp_shotgun_ammo and wpmod_nailgun_seek:
net_giveWeaponMods 18


Note that wpmod_nailgun_seek won't actually have seeking nails.
The latest point release introduced code that effectively
prevents the weaponmod from working. The mod will still make
the nailgun zoom, though, and nails will have the seeking
nail properties when you shoot while zoomed.

Also note that wpmod_rocketlauncher_burst is attached to
wpmod_rocketlauncher_homing. Thus, only one of them
is included in the list.

There are problems with changing it mid-game:

-The weapon mods will stay with players after you change
	the CVar until they die.
-Players won't get the weaponmod until they die and
	respawn when you change the CVar

The mod won't be attached to the weapon if the CVar
is 0, but it will be if the CVar is more than 0.

Because of this, the weapon mods will phase out faster
when the CVar is off and will make the mods more readily
available to players that don't have them when its on.


This CVar is much simpler.
Armor decay is when armor ticks down when over the max amount.
This value is normally 100, and if the player has more than
this, their armor will tick down until hitting this value.
You now have the option of capping armor at 100.

To turn on armor decay:
net_decayArmor 1

To turn off armor decay:
net_decayArmor 0


This CVar is also simple.
It controls whether or not health bonus items (health shards,
for example) will boost your health above 100.

To turn on health bonus capping:
net_healthBonuses 1

To turn off health bonus capping:
net_healthBonuses 0


Thanks go out to the Last Man Standing team!
Check out the official LMS site at:


Thanks to the Quake 4 Fortress team, particularly 3j.
Check out the official Q4F site at:


Thanks to Ulfr for helping test the mod.
Check out the site for his mod, Amoq4:



I take no responsibility for any damages caused by this mod.
However, if your computer starts on fire, be sure to take pictures
and email them to me at the address below.


Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact me at:
skutarth (at) gmail (dot) com

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