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If you want a lil Half Life 2 in your Quake 4 coffee this morning, then I have the perfect blend for you, Strombine. In this single player map you get Strogg snipers that play a lot like the Combines in HL2, thus the name, Strombine. They have that nice sniper laser and when they can't see you, they even shoot random physics objects around you. Not only that, there are also some item crates that open up and give you some ammo.



- STROMBINE: File Information --------------------------------------------- 03.18.2007 ---
               Title : Strombine
            Filename : strombine.zip
              Author : Matt "Lunaran"  Breit
       Email Address : [email protected]
           Web Sites : http://www.lunaran.com
   Previous Releases : DOW-Tarsis - Tarsis, DoWMP
                       DOW-Coriolis - Coriolis Force, DoWMP
                       LunSP1 - Concentric Devastation, Q1SP
                       Lun3DM4 - Pull Your Socks Up, Q3CPM
                       Lun3DM3 - A Load of Useless Bloody Loonies, Q3DM/Q3CPM
                       Lun3DM2 - Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things, Q3DM
                       Lun3DM1 - Coriolis Storm, Q3DM
                       LunQ2DM1 - The Gridlock, Q2DM
                       westfront - Westfront Facility, HLDM
                       complex - The Complex, Q2DM

        Installation : Put the pk4 in a new subfolder under your Quake4 install directory.
                       Name it strombine or something.  Start Quake4 with "+set fs_game 
                       strombine +set com_allowconsole 1", then load "map lunaran/strombine" 
                       from the console.

         Description : Short and kind of a mash of experiments with theme and lighting in
                       the engine, plus a bunch of scripts I had been fooling with.  Not
                       really too serious a release, but I'm hoping to reuse the stuff I've
                       developed to greater effect in the next project.  Take this as you 
                       would a sketchbook page.

                       I tried a realistic theme to get away from space panels, and became
                       sidetracked writing a much-too-unwieldy AI script to try and emulate
                       HalfLife2's snipers, along with a couple other simpler bits like ammo
                       crates.  To add bad guys, I imposed a Strogg architectural presence 
                       (with q4power textures, the necessary ones of which are included in 
                       the zip) in the same manner as Combine tech, henceforth the tongue-in-
                       cheek name "Strombine." ;P

- Copyright / Permissions ----------------------------------------------------------------

 * You MAY: 
- Use and modify the included custom textures freely for your own maps, on the conditions 
you credit me for them somewhere and let me know about it so I can check the map out.
- Distribute this zip file and/or its contents by any ELECTRONIC means, provided
you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered.

 * You MAY NOT:
- Commercially exploit this file or its contents in any way.
- Distribute this pak file and/or its contents on any HARD MEDIA whatsoever, including but
not limited to magazine coverdisks or level compilations, without prior consent of and
negotiation with the author.

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