Terrain Detail Mapping

This small mod makes the terrain detail more noticeable.


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This small mod makes the terrain detail more noticeable.

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Quake IV terrain detail mapping
arranged by LDAsh - date:070319
(email- psyclone72@hotmail.com)
Very simple, all that's happening here is an extra texture is blending over
the top of every terrain texture in the game, rock, sand, dirt, typically
very low-res textures compared with everything else in-game, and even the
MP maps.  This extra blended texture is black and white, with the white
part being transparent and the dark part being semitransparent (because
there is no full-black in it, only dark-gray) and visible.  Also, it is
scaled down to 12x12 per 1x1 its parent texture so it appears much tighter
over the low-res original underneath.  This gives it a very high-res and
grainy appearance, however there are some downsides, it does visibly tile
and gives the terrain a patchy look sometimes.  Some claim that it can
degrade the visual effects of the normalmaps, flatten surfaces and drown
lighting, may also look "noisy" on angles using high anisotropic filtering,
but I think it's not _too_ bad for what it delivers and everything still
works together, normalmaps and lighting still do "work".  To see it in
action I urge you to view this 2Mb JPEG:-
It _should_ be working in just about every single outdoor area in the
entire Quake IV game yet I have not fully tested every in-game corner to
see for myself, I have been right through the main materials and tested
key maps like air defense, walker, hovertank and convoy maps.
As for performance, I really couldn't notice any slowdown on my machine
compared to without it, maybe the loss of 1 or 2 FPS maximum.  It's one
256x256 texture as another stage in only some of the materials so it
doesn't affect framerate much at all.  Finally, it should be compatible
with just about any other map/mod out there as long as the filename
overrides it (just add more Zs) and as long as the map/mod doesn't make
changes to the 2 MTR files in the PK4.  You are also welcome to change
the TGA however you'd like to adjust the detail mapping on everything. 
For example you can easily make it less noticeable by brightening the
texture and adding more whiteness.
Please leave feedback as I'm very interested to know what players think
of this technique on textures in computer games especially in engines like

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