Territorial Dispute

Territorial Dispute comprises 3 main areas – 1 large arena and 2 split-level atriums that are connected to the arena via a network of tunnel...


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Territorial Dispute comprises 3 main areas – 1 large arena and 2 split-level atriums that are connected to the arena via a network of tunnels, teleports and launchpads. The central arena is where most of the health powerups are located, which makes it a good location to try and lockdown. That’s easier said than done, however, because opponents can appear from any angle.

The split-level atriums can be accessed via tunnels that lead out from bridges spanning the shaft at the center of the arena. They can also be accessed various other ways as well and because the arena is symmetrically shaped it can seem a little confusing at first. It starts to get pretty simple when you realize that almost all entry points are color-coded. The separate atriums are subtly colored in a green texture and lighting scheme and the other is pale orange, so it should be fairly easy for players to communicate their position to team mates. The orange wing is the larger and slightly more ‘tanked’ side of the map, although the green wing offers the fastest access to the red armor. All 3 main arenas of the map hold a significant tactical value. If you pay attention to the various ways to and from the arena and separate wings you will learn various ways to get around the map very quickly, despite it’s large size.

Be warned however – treat those bloodstains in front of the teleportals as a warning about the possibility of being telefragged. Using the teleports to get from the lower decks back to the arena can be dangerous business, because they have a stop-over connection point in small tunnels in the center shaft, which will make you visible and rather vunerable for a couple of seconds from certain positions in and around the arena. So while portals can be used to get you escape or intercept enemies, they can also get you into trouble. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Fortunately, there are numerous means of getting around, so it pays to mix it up.

Weapons are spread fairly evenly throughout (possible a little liberally in this beta version). All weapons are featured, except for the BFG styled dark matter gun. There is also 3 powerups: megahealth, quad and haste. I’m unsure if the latter two will remain in the final version.

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Download 'territorial_dispute.zip' (16.14MB)

Date: 05.March 2006 

Instructions for Territorial Dispute: 
Unzip the Territorial_Dispute.pk4 file to wherever your quake4\q4base folder is.
To enter the map use the in-game multiplayer map menu, where Territorial Dispute should be listed. 

Title                   : Territorial Dispute
Filename                : Territorial_Dispute.pk4
Gametypes		: Deathmatch/Team DM/Tourney
Author                  : Josh Holmes (b0rg)
Email Address           : b0rg@viacga.com / josh_holmes@iprimus.com.au
Additional credits	: Evil Lair, for his brilliant Quake4 eX Texture pack, which is used extensively throughout this map. http://evillair.net
			: VIA Technologies, for supplying me with hardware capable of playing and editing Quake 4
			: Steve Walton from Legion hardware (www.legionhardware.com) for helping me playtest 
  			: Doom 3 World founder & admin BNA (www.doom3world.org) for hosting such a top community resource for info on doom engine editing, and all it's members that make it what it is today

Unlike my last Q4 map (VIA Pinball Arena), Territorial Dispute isn't terribly challenging on frame rates, yet some light sources have been tweaked to take advantage of the lightdetaillevel command. I will probably experiement further with this in the final version, depending on feedback. Default is 0, which turns every light on. if you wish to improve performance, try setting r_lightdetaillevel to 4, 6, or 8. This map is best played with shadows turned on. 

Gameplay specifics:
Territorial Dispute has been in sporadic development for quite some time and the very first builds were constructed with the DOOM 3 editor. It began life as a rocket arena map, but when I discovered that there was no RA support for the game and grew tired of waiting for someone to add it, I decided to heavily modify it’s design to better suit Deathmatch and above all, Team Deathmatch. Originally I was planning to call this map 'Slingshot Arena', but as it evolved over time 'Territorial Dispute' just seemed to fit better.  

I’ve gone for a different look with the lighting for this map (compared with Pinball Arena), opting against using any form of ambient lighting. The result is a much sharper looking appearance, with no washed out textures, which seems to happen when ambient lighting is used. And despite the fact that each light source is casting a shadow and there are more polygons on screen, performance is notably better than Pinball Arena as well. In an effort to improve FPS performance in busy firefights I have switched off ‘cast dynamic shadows’ (players won’t cast shadows under most light sources). You won't miss them. 

Editor(s) used          : Quake 4 Editor

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