The Fallen Shrine III

"The Fallen Shrine III" is a Multiplayer CTF and Arena CTF map and supports a full loadout of 16 players. It's designed more specifically fo...


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"The Fallen Shrine III" is a Multiplayer CTF and Arena CTF map and supports a full loadout of 16 players. It's designed more specifically for Arena CTF (for all you speed junkies like myself) and trick jumpers out there who like to make videos. This map boasts some intense fast paced space fraggin' action where you warp through portals to a center battleground to reach your opponents base. Coupled with a kick ass music track by Sonic Mayhem, this one should get your adrenaline pumping. I know it's the weekend, and you guys like to get some game time in right after work like we do, so fire up those servers and enjoy!

If you plan on hosting the map on your server, drop me a line and I'll mirror up your server info.

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Download '' (21.71MB)

 Title                   : The Fallen Shrine III
 Filename                : fs3ctf.pk4
 Author                  : Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKinney
 Email Address           : kiltron AT - kiltron AT
 Description             : A map floating in 3 demensions of space.
 Special Thanks          : id Software, PlanetQuake, You! :)

---Map Information---

This is a Quake 4 Multiplayer map based in space. Each team base is set
in a separate dimension. Players must warp through portals to a center
demension to be able to access their oppenents base.

Requirements            : Quake 4
Supported Settings      : CTF, Arena CTF
Bot Support             : No
Players                 : 2-16
New Textures            : Yes


To run The Fallen Shrine III, 

1) Unzip the fs3ctf.pk4 file to your c:/quake4/q4base folder.
2) Select 'Multiplayer' and choose either CTF or Arena CTF.
3) Set your options, then click 'Create Server' or 'Join Server'.

----Map/Gameplay Strategies----

This map was design with fast paced Arena CTF gaming action in mind.
There are plenty of strategies you can do in this map to increase
your game against your opponent. Try a few things in this list.

1) Grab 'Armor' before jumping through a portal to your opponents base.
2) If an opponent is chasing you and you launch towards a portal, fire
a grenade at the portal and have it bounce back hitting them.
3) When jumping through a portal to your opponents base, try to air
strafe left and right to avoid their anticipation of where you're going
to land.
4) Rocket jumping on jumppads can launch you to far away areas to get
away quickly from your opponent.
5) Learn the jumppads and how you can use them in combination.
6) You can launch grenades to higher areas by shooting them onto jumppads.

----Addition Copyright Information----

You cannot use this map as a base to build new levels.
Please, create new maps on your own from scratch!
Do not sell, rent or provide the map through CD backup
services in exchange for funds. Do not include these files
in a mod, map pack, or any release you call your own, without
my permission.

This file can be distributed freely, as long as you 
keep the .zip, .pk4 & .txt file unaltered, and intact. 
If you wish to include this map on a cover disc with 
a magazine or alone, please contact me, prior to.
I am more than likely to give permission for such aspects.

----Addition Credits----

Yves Allaire - Texture Usage
Sonic Mayhem - Music

----Where To Obtain Files----

To obtain your copy of the this map, please visit the website.
Please send feedback!

kiltron AT - kiltron AT


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