The Temple of the Elder Gods

Built by an ancient civilization long gone. Used by this civilization to worship gods that they created. This temple is now in the hands of...


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Built by an ancient civilization long gone. Used by this civilization to worship gods that they created. This temple is now in the hands of these gods, the story goes that these gods, malevolent and pure evil destroyed this race by pitting them one on one in duels to the death within the walls of the very temple they were created in.

These gods began reaching out for new gladiators to appease their lust for death. Now you have been chosen to do battle. Only one may leave the most challenging arena ever devised. Now you must fight in...

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------------------------------>The Temple of the Elder Gods<--------------------------------

	Map File Name:  q4bmdm2_via.pk4
	File Size:  11.3 mb
	Author:  Bill Main, a.k.a. Bittoman  --

A Word On Light Detail Levels:

r_lightdetaillevel is a command that will alter the number of lights being drawn.  As such I
have used this extensively to achieve maximum performance with as little loss in visual
quality as is possible.  The default setting for Quake 4 is a detail level of 9, with this
level there will only ever be two lights drawn aside from weapons fire.  These two lights
are the moonlight and the low level ambient lighting to prevent total black corners and
still give a bit of mood to the level.  To this setting simply type r_lightdetaillevel x
where &quot;x&quot; is the number next to the number of lights you want drawn, any number higher will
be drawn along with the number you put into the command.  Example:  r_lightdetaillevel 5
will enable torches (5), moonlight (8) and ambient light (9).

9.  Ambient light
8.  Moonlight
5.  Most torches, most noteable the cave torches, the floor stand torches and one set of the
central wall torches and corner torches
1.  Remaining torches, teleporter and jumppad lights

For ultimate performance or lower spec computers I recommend using a light detail level of
8 or 9 when playing online however if you want to view the overall quality a light detail
level of 1 will the most detail and resolution


New textures:  Yes
	-Contains a small, fully custom texture set created by me using Adobe Photoshop 5.5,
	Gimp 2.2, Blender 2.37a (, for some normalmap creation).  DDS files
	generated with The Compressonator (

New models:    Yes
	-Two simple, low poly torch models are included in ASE format

New sounds:    No

Bot compatability:  Yes
	-SABOT support was built into this level however due to file size constraints the
	AAS files involved were not included.  In order to use SABOTs you'll need to use
	the runaas command to compile the necessary aas files in order for them to function.


This level is built entirely for 1 on 1 tourney play.  Due to it's small size any more than
1 on 1 would be impossible.


Location of D3W and VIA decals are above and behind the hyperblaster (D3W) and behind the rocketlauncher (VIA).

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