TMP mappack #2



This version includes 1v1 layouts for Fragging Yard 1v1, The Lost Fleet and No Doctors. No Doctors TMP has the same 1v1 item placements as Pro-Doctors (thanks Tectonic/Pha3z et all), but with the FPS pack changes and some extra health in TDM mode for 2v2. Also, the edge has various fixes including removal of the ability to get the upper RL from the ledge below it, a fix for the weird clipping issue near the rail, and a tweak of the the geometry on the roof near the mega-health. This is a replacement of the original pack.



This is the second installment of the TMP (Tournament Play) Map Pack for Quake 4.

Included in this release are modified versions of several of Raven's original Quake 4 maps:

[TMP] Fragging Yard
[TMP] Fragging Yard 1v1
[TMP] Sandstorm
[TMP] The Lost Fleet
[TMP] Bloodwork
[TMP] The Rose
[TMP] No Doctors
[TMP] Over The Edge

Map file names are the same as the originals but with the "tmp" suffix. Changes were intended
to improve the suitability of the maps for competitive play. There are too many changes to list
in detail, but general changes include:

1. New item locations
2. Light detail levels (for better performance when using r_lightDetail)
3. Some small geometry changes

Changes since the first pack include the addition of Fragging Yard 1v1, The Lost Fleet, and
No Doctors, as well as some bug fixes and aesthetic touch-ups on Over The Edge.

Thanks to Drach for his work with the light detail levels, team9 for the base changes to the Edge
that we worked off of, Citizen for support (and the TMP suffix), and each of those that helped
with the Pro Doctors remix of DM6, from which the item placement of [TMP] No Doctors is inherited.
Pro Doctors was edited by Tectonic and Pha3z, with special thanks to Cha0ticz, destrukt, cl0ck,
geoff, and dj.

Have fun!



Full credits, rights and other legals for the original maps remain with their original owners.
Quake4(tm) is property of id software, all rights reserved.

Alterations by teddy, swelt, drach, team9, Tectonic and Pha3z.

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