This mod changes some minor things about the single player. Giving more ammo, faster fire rates, running speed, and much more.


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This mod changes some minor things about the single player. Giving more ammo, faster fire rates, running speed, and much more.

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Download 'unbalanced_ver1.zip' (48KB)

---------------/// Unbalanced mod ver 1.0 read me \\----                                       ---------
------------------------------------------------------/// Bladerunnercutter(at) hotmail(dot)com \\------
------------------------------------------------------\\     					///------
	Nasty squibs got you down ? Wish you had better fire power ? Not anymore !!!!

--------| Foreward |-------------------------------------------------------------

	1. This is a mod for single player only.( should not effect MP games< That mod is in works 
									      and WILL BE balanced> ).
	2. This mod gives you faster fire rates, bigger ammo stores, more health-armor,faster run speed,
	   MORE POWERFULL WEAPONS, Better zoom, better vehicles( weapons and speed), Hence UNBALANCING the
	   odds in the players favor.BIGTIME!!!
	3. This mod is in a pk4 file, so all you have to do is drop-(pak024)-into your q4base folder,usually in,
	( C: /program files/id software/Quake4/q4base) and you are done. Easy to install and remove .
	   <<< WARNING >>>> I recomend you start a new game!! Cuz if you load an old one, it may take a couple
	   auto saves or load screens before this mod gets loaded in with your current game. If you start a new 
	   game,the mod is active imediately.
	4. You can use anything from my mod freely, give me a little cred though ;)

-------| Playtesting |-----------------------------------------------------------

	Works fine on my machine ,having played through the game twice now with the mod.
	I have not updated my Q4 yet so I can not say how it will play on updated versions of this game,
	allthough I believe it should work fine. If you could take a moment to email me (your version of
	update- and or how you like the mod ) it would be nice ;) Email address is ^ there.

	My system tested on is...
	MB-Asus P5WD2 premium
	RAM- corsair 1G 667 mhz in dual config
	PRO- P4 3.6 775 chipset
	HD(S)-Western D. sata 75 gig 10000 rpm raptor(main), WD 7200 rpm sata 120 gig(sec)
	VC- nvidia 7800 GTX pci express16x (updated vc drivers 10/13/05)
	SC- soundblaster live
	PS- Neo power 510 wt with dedicated power supply for VC
	DD- Plextor dvd +- cdr burner / asus dvd rom
	KEY B- saitek 
	Mouse- razer diamondback
	Monitor- Viewsonic extreme 19 lcd
	OS- win xp pro(updated to serv. pack 2 only)

-----The list of goodies----------------------------------------------------------


	0. All max ammo stats have been raised, as well as clips. Distance has been increased on all.
	1. BLASTER- Faster firerate(as fast as you can click)5x the damage per shot,and a quick charge.

	2. HYPER BLASTER- really fast(from barrel to target), fast fire rate, 3x damage per shot.
	3.lIGHTNING GUN- massive damage at any distance, A gib ing good time

	4. MACHINE GUN- 3x firerate,3x damage,2x zoom on scope(a little better) + you can shoot as fast 
	                as you can mash the trigger while zoomed and it does massive damage.

	5.NAILGUN- All i can say is &quot; remember people,short controlled bursts.&quot; 3x damage + a 
		   massive firerate. So much blowback on squibs, you watch them fly across rooms
		   and stick to the walls for a moment.
	6. RAILGUN- fires much faster, better zoom for a weapon of this kind and 1 shot deadly. Quickly
		    hits targets shortly after you pull the trigger(the way it should be).

	7. ROCKET L.- faster rockets, nothing else on this one.

	8. SHOTGUN- Automatic fire, very deadly damage, reloads with one shell, so much blowback
		    watch the squibs fly backwards when you blast them(not as much as the nailgun).
		    I have also added a flashlight to the shotgun, and this is how you have to use it.\
		    You CAN NOT turn it ON or OFF if the shotgun is you current weapon selected,(there is no 
		    animation for this action). The priority (if you hit <f> to turn it on) of selection is
		    now, 1-shotgun, if you have ammo , if not, it will default to>>> 2-machine gun if you have 
		    ammo, if not it will default to>>> 3- pistol, you always have ammo for this. If you want
		    to turn the light off then switch to MG or pistol and hit <F> to turn it off. Hopefully 
		    I will find a way to correct this in later versions.



	1. FLATBED(truck)- That guy takes his time to disarm those mines, Now you can give him much better
			   cover.(faster,more damage).

	2. HOVER TANK- cannon for main gun is now an auto with better damage, machine guns are faster and
		       do way better damage( I might of gone a little overboard).
	3. WALKER(mech)- 15 missles are more fun than 6, so is a rapid firing missle launcher ;) . Guns 
			 on mech are way to powerfull, walk speed has increased. 
	4. TRAM GUN- Made this way to powerfull... he he he  


	This mod (as I said) gives you a really fun single player experience. I hope you enjoy 
	playing with it as much as I have, and don't forget.
	You can always bring down the console-hit( Ctrl+Alt+ ~ ) at the same time-, then
	type ( give all) hit enter and you now have full health,armor,weapons,and max ammo.
	&quot; Enjoy yourselves ! &quot;.........................................................................................................................................................Bladerunnercutter.

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