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Here is the Unbalanced mod version 1.4, this mod will add new sounds, textures and effects to several weapons in game and much more (look at...


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Here is the Unbalanced mod version 1.4, this mod will add new sounds, textures and effects to several weapons in game and much more (look at the readme for more information). This modification has been revamped for the Quake 1.3 patch therefore requires this patch for it to work correctly.

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Download 'unbalanced14r.rar' (2.6MB)

UNBALANCED version  1.4(R)

   \\\ WARNING !!!!!! ///// 
    This is the 1.4 Unbalanced REVAMPED for the 1.3 patch. It will only work if you have the 1.3 Quake patch installed. 


   ------------------" I'M back baby." ............Bender---------------------

----------------New ----------------------------------------------------------

   Same as the old 1.4 except it is (Patch 1.3) compliant.

------still the same -------------------------------------------------------

(1) Nailgun skin, black and chrome.

(2) Nail gun fire sound.

(3) Machine gun sound ,sampled from an AR 15 (Sounds like one) , I believe that in this storyline a sealed gas chamber 
    for the rifle, as well as a sealed round with oxygen in the round casing ( for low oxygen environments) would 
    sound a little muffled when fired ,and I love the way this rifle sounds now ! The sound of real rifle combat !

(4) Shotgun sound, much better than stock.Cleaner,louder.

(5) Default rocket explosion, made it more tuned to the area of explosion (smaller) . 

(6) Grenade explosion, acts like a flash bang with several fireballs shooting out.

(7) Now you take -0- damage from YOUR rockets or grenades , go ahead and fire one at you players feet, weeee no damage.
    I was going to give you an option for this ( to turn on or off) but it will have to wait till...

(8) Plasma thrower ( Think flame thrower) that is the default weapon replacement for the lightning gun . 

(9) More dense blood and parts fall off you when you get shot.

(10) I hope you ENJOY YOURSELVES !!!!!!

 - use any thing you want from my mod, it's free to all.

- persistant bodies.( railgun,lightning gun and rocket still gib)

- menu music.

- weapons skins( chrome and black) for...
	1. Blaster.
	2. Hyperblaster.
	3. Shotgun.
	4. machine gun.
	5.Skin for Rail gun ( CHROME ,and hints of green and blue ).

	6.Skin for Lightning gun ( all CHROME!).

- gui color for shotgun, ( Amber ).

- gui color for machine gun, (Yellow). 

- effect for pistol impact, electric discharge and a smoking hole, plus new spark effects on the charged impact.

- machine gun impact (same as it was but...) now you leave smoking bulletholes,on walls, on metal, on strog!

- railgun impact effect, added a small flame to impact zone for a short duration.

- shotgun effects , smoking bulletholes ,

- more gore on bullet wounds,bigger splat decals,.


	0. All max ammo stats have been raised, as well as clips. Distance has been increased on all.
	1. BLASTER- Faster firerate(as fast as you can click)5x the damage per shot,and a quick charge.

	2. HYPER BLASTER- really fast(from barrel to target), fast fire rate, 3x damage per shot.
	3.LIGHTNING GUN- massive damage at any distance, A gib ing good time

	4. MACHINE GUN- 3x firerate,3x damage,2x zoom on scope(a little better) + you can shoot as fast 
	                as you can mash the trigger while zoomed and it does massive damage.

	5.NAILGUN- All i can say is " remember people,short controlled bursts." 3x damage + a 
		   massive firerate. So much blowback on squibs, you watch them fly across rooms
		   and stick to the walls for a moment.
	6. RAILGUN- fires much faster, better zoom for a weapon of this kind and 1 shot deadly. Quickly
		    hits targets shortly after you pull the trigger.

	7. ROCKET L.- faster rockets.

	8. Shotgun- Automatic fire, reloads with one shell, lots of blowback.Has a Light on it.



	1. FLATBED(truck)- That guy takes his time to disarm those mines, Now you can give him much better
			   cover.(faster,more damage).

	2. HOVER TANK- cannon for main gun is now an auto with better damage, machine guns are faster and
		       do way better damage( I might of gone a little overboard).
	3. WALKER(mech)- 15 missles are more fun than 6, so is a rapid firing missle launcher ;) . Guns 
			 on mech are way to powerfull, walk speed has increased. 
	4. TRAM GUN- Made this way to powerfull... he he he  


-------| Playtesting |-----------------------------------------------------------

	Works fine on my machine .

My system tested on is...
	RAM- corsair 1G 
	PRO- P4 3.2 775 chipset
	HD(S)-Western D. sata 75 gig 10000 rpm raptor(main), WD 7200 rpm sata 120 gig(sec)
	VC- nvidia 6200 LE  pci 8x 
	SC- soundblaster live
	PS- Neo power 510 wt with dedicated power supply for VC
	DD- Plextor dvd +- cdr burner / asus dvd rom
	KEY B- saitek 
	Mouse- razer diamondback

-------------- INSTALL --------------------------------------------------------------------

	This mod is in a pk4 file, so all you have to do is drop-(pak400)-into your q4base folder,usually in,
	( C: /program files/id software/Quake4/q4base) and you are done. Easy to install and remove .
	   <<< WARNING >>>> I recomend you start a new game!! Cuz if you load an old one, it may take a couple
	   auto saves or load screens before this mod gets loaded in with your current game. If you start a new 
	   game,the mod is active imediately.

//////////WARNING\\\\\\ I cannot promise this new version will work good on all systems, 
play my mod at your own risk.

	&quot; Enjoy yourselves ! &quot;......................................................................................................................................................... Bladerunnercutter.

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