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Some good news comes down the pipe for everyone today! Without further delay, here is what you've all been waiting for...We now have, for your immediate gaming enjoyment, the much anticipated Unpredictable NG Q4 (v1.0) for Quake IV! This Single Player mod offers, among a wide range of other changes, all of the latest features that are taken advantage of by Dafama2K7 and has undergone numerous bug fixes. The true purpose of Unpredictable NG Q4 (v1.0) is to keep you, the player, on the edge of your seat...not knowing what is around the corner, or lurking in the dark; You are drawn into this game with the AI interaction and the awesome playability...with the best part being that the baddies are completely Unpredictable!

Some of the features include:

  • New Public FULL MOD (non beta) version, at last !
  • Marines drop their weapons when dead
  • Enhanced all player and some (ATM) enemy weapons.
  • Enhanced all vehicle weapons.
  • Improved the MGUN & Shotgun debris and brass.
  • More realistic flashlights mounted for Blaster, MGUN and SGUN.
  • Much more powerful mounted weapons for all vehicles.
  • Balanced ammo for all weapons, less ammo

This is a mod specially aimed at playability, gfx & fx enhancements, sound changes GUI updates and much more for Quake IV. Now Dafama2K7 is taking the Q4 mod development very seriously; He has stated that he has gained more experience with them and although he has to limit himself to not being able to use scripting, at least at the moment on Q4 mods, because Raven is not letting the mod creators to use this important thing.

Refer to the readme for more information.



Unpredictable Q4 v1.0 by Dafama (13-03-2009)


This is a mod specially aimed at playability, gfx & fx enhancements, sound changes 
GUI updates and much more for Quake IV. Now i am taking very seriously the Q4 mod 
development, i have gained more expirience with them and although i have to limit 
myself to not being able to use scripting, at least at the moment on Q4 mods, because Raven not letting the mod creators to use this important thing, i have to say that even in this way i am very happy with the way this mod are going, at this moment, specially the weapons and vehicles are the more tweaked but from the next v1.0 release i will start also to change the A.I. to make it smart and unpredictable !

Also i am now speeding up many weapons and specially monster anims to make the 
game much harder and the action will be much faster, also the zombies will be 
more scary while going at you very quick and trying to kill you !

Very special thanks to all this good people...:

	Thanks to Adam MacDonald (AKA Slayer_2) for the incredible work on they're own mod Quake 4 Weapons Realism mod and specially for help me learning more Q4 things !
	Thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager for let me use they're Chromatic Shaders.
	Thanks to Langencheiss to fix and update the Chromatic shaders. :)
	Thanks to Maha-X for creating such a Brilliant mods !
	Thanks also to all QUAKE IV community of course ! :)

To do...:

	- Very important to add a working melee to gauntlet weapon with a big push and knockback. I have try it to do it many times, but i am unable to do it to date. :(
	- Smarter A.I., more than already is.
	- Better and more weapon mods to add.
	- Being able to select the player to be a Marine or a Strogg at any moment. :D
	- Change many, many objects on the maps that are actually static and i want all them to be moveable, easy to do but a very repetitive work.
	- Add more health to monsters, specially the big ones, but keeping the balance.
	- Make the game more different played on for example Skill 0 or 1 than 2 or 3 and very hard from Skill 4 or 5 (Crazy !).
	- If i can... Add the new GravityGun weapon that i am actually trying to make it work on another Quake 4 mod.
	- Any idea, tell me anything, i am very happy to have feedback from the users.
	- Add impact flash for all bullet and laser weapons.
	- Add a highlight effect on the zoom of some weapons like mgun for example.
	- Be able to select the mode or add/remove features on the weapons, maybe including a package with some or all the weapon mods to add.
	- Disable vehicles from going locked, so the player can exit the vehicle at any time ! :D

Latest features...:

v1.0- New Public FULL MOD (non beta) version, at last !
	- Marines drops his weapons when dead.
	- Fixed vehicles and weapons bugs.
	- Enhanced all player and some (ATM) enemy weapons.
	- Enhanced all vehicles weapons.
	- Bettered MGUN & Shotgun debris and brass.
	- Much real flashlights mounted for Blaster, MGUN and SGUN.
	- Much powerful mounted weapons for all vehicles.
	- Balanced ammo for all weapons, less ammo !
	- Changed clipsize for all weapons to be better balanced.

v0.99- New internal update.
	- All kind of elevators now are much slower and real.
	- Enhanced all the Weapon_Mods (packs that add better features for many weapons that are col.lected through the single player game).
	- Added muzzleflash for all vehicles for both player, allied marines and enemies.
	- Better effects for DMG, HyperBlaster, Blaster, NapalmGun, GrenadeLauncher, Rocket-Launcher, Gauntlet, LightningGun, NailGun, RailGun, well, in fact, all weapons in one way or another have better smoke, particles, lightning effects and with added duration time in most cases.
	- And more new features that i don't remember at this moment...

v0.975- New internal update.
	- Added latest & newer Brilliant Highlights NG shaders mod.
	- Added NEW lightning thanks to using index buffers on the Autoexec.cfg file.
	- Powerfull and faster vehicle weapons with zoom and flashlight mounted added.
	- Activated, use of penumbra shadows and level of detail (LOD) for shadows and entities on the Autoexec.cfg configuration file.
	- Fixed shadows feature on the material shaders to use the same kind of shadows of Doom 3 and Prey, now making Quake 4 more creepy and realistic !
	- Activated three different missile fire on the Walker and Gev (tank) vehicles.
	- Added muzzleflash and faster fire rate with less spread for all vehicle mounted machineguns.
	- Less spread and more powerfull shotgun !
	- Found and fixed a couple of bugs.

v0.95- New internal update.
	- Many bugs fixed, new features added.
	- Fixed a zombie fx bug i was added on previous release.
	- Zombies can be gibbed, bloody !!!
	- Fixed shogun flashlight mounted bug that made the light to be fixed when you raise, reload or fire the weapon.
	- Fixed again blaster, machinegun and shotgun mounted flashlights offset that prevented to see it at all when looking down with those weapons, now it's not 
perfect but is much better.
	- Fixed tramcar vehicle that i was added too much mounted guns in previous 
	- Added muzzleflash to tramcar mounted gun.
	- Bettered the AAS that tells the A.I. where it can walk.
	- Added AAS support files for more official MP maps included with the game.
	- Fixed a nasty bug in the light.mtr that prevented some vehicle flashlights to show correctly.
	- Extensively improved gibs on many entyties.
	- Improved also many vehicle features and the weapons mounted on this vehicles.
	- Fixed a 'missing quotes' bug made by Raven/Id that i was found in a .def file.
	- Bettered the zoom guis for some weapons and vehicles.

v0.9- Public full release, very big changes, NEW features and bug fixes.
	- Updated to BHMod_NG shaders from NG shaders, because are even better, in fact this updated version are almost comparable to UT3 or ETQW shaders in many aspects.
	- Bettered flashlights for Blaster, MGun and Shotgun and fixed the offset.
	- Added dynamic lights and shadows to many FX and materials used by weapons.
	- Better vehicle weapons, added zoom to many of them.
	- Better weapons, added zoom to all of them.
	- Optimized tools scripts, thanks to Mausus Atlas !
	- Added very good 'idle' sounds to LightningGun and NapalmGun weapons.
	- Faster walking/dragging anims for some zombies/failed transfer entities, scary !!!
	- Faster reload and fire anims for RailGun weapon, at last ! :D
	- Added full dynamic shadows to all the SP and now MP official maps.
	- The ammo, weapons and many other objects have less mass, because previously was too high, explosions and DMG fire will affect much more the objects now, spectacular !
	- Missiles and non bullet projectiles now have health so they can be damaged in the air.
	- The Gev Tank and the Walker Mech have now drastically enhanced, added zoom and both have a third new type of projectile to fire !!!
	- The TramGun and others have a new zoom with GUI added feature and the weapon can go to hot if used for more than 15 seconds without pause, in that case it will need a 10 seconds wait time to refresh.
	- And finally of course, many bugs have been fixed.

v0.8- This time it's an update, the previous v0.7 full is needed to be installed 
	- Updated to latest NG shaders.
	- Removed redundant files, now mod size is smaller.
	- Fixed mainmenu in game music not being played by default.
	- Changed mainmenu default and in game music.
	- Changed screen, splash and generic loading screens in both .dds and .tga 
formats (compressed and uncompressed).
	- Added a little D3 alike zoom pressing the alternate (right) mouse button.
	- Added more push to all weapons.

v0.7- Updated with latest NG Q4 special shaders.
	- Added latest shader techniques by Maha-X.
	- Fixed materials for characters and monsters.
	- Enhanced all weapons.
	- Bigger light radius for all mounted lights.
	- Added Gauntlet and Napalmgun weapons.
	- Updated impact FX for RocketLauncher.
	- And more...

v0.6- Updated to latest NG shaders.
	- Much powerful weapons.
	- More balanced game play.
	- Uses the Chromatic Dispersion Shaders by TheRealScenegraphManager.
	- Fixed small bugs and optimized some things.

v0.5- Better fire rate for some weapons.
	- Better muzzleflash F.E.A.R. alike effect
	- Uses Next Generation Enhanced shaders (beyond the limits version).
	- Better explosions FX & particles.
	- Uses latest Quake IV terrain detail mapping (1.1)
arranged by LDAsh - date:070512.

Note...: Not much at the moment, but i am getting into and enjoying enhancing Quake 4, so much complete and fully enhanced versions will come, stay tunned !!!

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