Unpredictable NG Q4

unpredictable_q4_v11_full.zip —


the much anticipated Unpredictable NG Q4 (v1.0)! This Single Player mod offers, among a wide range of other changes, all of the latest features that are taken advantage of by Dafama2K7 and has undergone numerous bug fixes. The true purpose of Unpredictable NG Q4 (v1.0) is to keep you, the player, on the edge of your seat...not knowing what is around the corner, or lurking in the dark; You are drawn into this game with the AI interaction and the awesome playability...with the best part being that the baddies are completely Unpredictable!Some of the changes include:New Public Full Mod!Enhanced all player and many enemy weapons.Added a New optional changed skins for all weapons on a separate .pk4 file.Added a New optional tweaked materials for some entities (changes the colors on some special effects) on a separate .pk4 file.Added a New optional GUIS for a couple of entities (for HUDS, crosshairs and the like) on a separate .pk4 file.Fixed vehicles and weapons bugs.This is a mod specially aimed at playability, gfx & fx enhancements, sound changes GUI updates and much more for Quake IV. Now Dafama2K7 is taking the Q4 mod development very seriously; He has stated that he has gained more experience with them and although he has to limit himself to not being able to use scripting, at least at the moment on Q4 mods, because Raven is not letting the mod creators use this important thing. has also stated that he is now speeding up many of the weapons and especially the monster anims to make the game much harder and the action will be much faster...also the zombies will be more scary while going at you very quickly, while trying to kill you!Refer to the readme for more information.


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