Unpredictable Q4

This is the first public update of this mod for Quake IV.


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This is the first public update of this mod for Quake IV.

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Download 'unpredictable_q4_v07_full.zip' (128.97MB)

Unpredictable Q4 v0.7 by Dafama (26-3-2008)


This is the first public update of this mod for Quake IV.

Thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager for let me use they're Chromatic Shaders.
Thanks to Maha-X for creating such a Brilliant mods !
Thanks to Adam MacDonals (AKA Slayer_2) for the incredible work on they're own 
mod Quake 4 Weapons Realism mod and specially for help me learning more Q4 things !

Latest features...:

v0.7	- Updated with latest NG Q4 special shaders.
	- Added latest shader techniques by Maha-X.
	- Fixed materials for characters and monsters.
	- Enhanced all weapons.
	- Bigger light radius for all mounted lights.
	- Added Gauntlet and Napalmgun weapons.
	- Updated impact FX for RocketLauncher.
	- And more...

v0.6    - Updated to latest NG shaders.
	- Much powerful weapons.
	- More balanced game play.
	- Uses the Chromatic Dispersion Shaders by TheRealScenegraphManager.
	- Fixed small bugs and optimized some things.

v0.5	- Better fire rate for some weapons.
	- Better muzzleflash F.E.A.R. alike effect
	- Uses Next Generation Enhanced shaders (beyond the limits version).
	- Better explosions FX & particles.
	- Uses latest Quake IV terrain detail mapping (1.1)
arranged by LDAsh - date:070512.

Note...: Not much at the moment, but i am getting into and enjoying enhancing Quake 4, so much complete 
and fully enhanced versions will come, stay tunned !!!

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