War Baby! YEAH!

This map was originaly made for Quake II but never got released so was remake for Quake 4. This map works online and offline but in single p...


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This map was originaly made for Quake II but never got released so was remake for Quake 4. This map works online and offline but in single player the bots a just a bit buggy.

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Download 'map_ctf_war_baby_r4_final.zip' (19.4MB)

Title			: War Baby! YEAH!
Release			: 4 (Final)
Filename                : ctf_war_baby.zip
Author                  : Stephen Howe
Email Address           : the_happy_friar <at> planetquake.com
Misc. Author Info       : anyone who's heard me rant knows I'm not big on "pro" gaming, but enjoy the level anyway.
			  Even though *I* don't enjoy "pro" gaming, others do & this is for them.  It's also suitable
			  for "average" gamers too!

Comments?               : Cool, eh?  
			  Needs at least Q4 1.2.
			  Includes locations for X-Battle mod (locs/mp/ctf_war_baby.cfg)

Description             : This isn't your normal CTF map.  I origionally started design of it in ~'99 in college
			  for Q2 but it never whent anywhere.  I then decided to re-make it for Q4 (actuatly, not
			  a remake as the Q2 one was never released).  Anyway... here it is!
			  Location info is included for the X-Battle mod.  Now on with the desc..

			  Somewhere on Strogos Earth & the Strogg are making a final showdown.  Both have their 
			  stockpiles of weapons and making the final assult.  Located on a beautiful hillside,
			  weapons are loaded and offensive positions are being 
			  taken.  You and your team must get through the littered battlefiend to take the flag and 
			  return to your base.

			  So...  are you men and women or are you a pile of cow crap?  The outcome will determine.  
			  This is war baby!  YEAH!

			  Both sides have weapons, teleporters, a bunker & spot lights to help see intruders.  Use 
			  them and win at all costs!

Changes since Release 2 : *lots of little things, no time to mention!

Changes since Release 2 : *changing theme to lovely forest level.  :)  What ya think?
			  *background SFX
			  *tweak here & there...

Changes since Release 1 : *"fixed" terrain.  Now should be a little smoother.
			  *added mid-section
			  *replaced Quad's in bases's with invisible
			  *replaced arena CTF powerups with health's (to RJ to invisible)
			  *added DMG & changed some powerups around for DM play (filtered)
			  *changed base-tunnel tele's to go to mid section & vice versa (the jump-pad tele's still go to 
			   other's base)
			  *made strogg base longer (I based the new terrain on the marine base.  I copied/rotated to place in 
			   strogg base & noticed that it wasn't long enough.  Everything has been movied to "fix" this.

Things to Do		: *Not 100% sure why, but no matter what the thumb in the MP menu won't show. No clue why... I even
			   copied/pasted from working map .def and it still won't work.


* Play Information *

Level Name	        : War Bay! YEAH!
Single Player           : Yes (it has an SP start but bots sucked on the level due to the curves, so no bot's)
Deathmatch 		: Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : No
New Graphics		: Yes (http://www.monitorstudios.com/bcloward/textures_foliage.html
New C++			: No
New Script/DEF		: Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from old concept.
Editor(s) used          : the built in Q4Edit, EditPad Lite, The Gimp, Vegas 6
Known Bugs              : The preview thumb won't show in the MP menu at all.  No clue why. 


Unzip the .zip file to your Quake 4 base folder (q4base).  Then run it from a server!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this mod/level(s) as a base to build additional
levels.  If you want to use something from this, ask.

You MAY distribute this ZIP, provided you include all the original files, with no modifications.  You may distribute 
this file online only.  For distribution on a CD/DVD/other physical media, please e-mail me & ask.

This map was originally designed for the Quibism.de mapping competition.

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