Zero Barrier



you've sworn to protect, save your daughter, recapture this criminal before he leaves the country, all while watching the society around you crumbles into nothing more than a vast memory.Zero Barrier has fully immersive 3d environments, both indoor and outdoor; you must pay very close attention to what is happening in the world around you. Watch in Real time as the decisions you make can cause severe consequences right in front of your very eyes, not only for you as a player, but for those around you as well. On the multiplayer front, the Zero Barrier Team got a whole batch of previously unheard of multiplayer game types, Some of which people have enjoyed for many years, such as your classic DM and TDM, while others such as Safe Zone , and Running Man, which are completely new!Currently the team has 12 full time team members, who are all students at The University of Advancing Technology, and are pursuing degrees in Game Design and/or Programming. This is a 100% completely student led project, perceived by students, run by students, and created by students, outside of their normal classes.Refer to the readme for more information.


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