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Quake 4 Sorrow By Suffer1ng Video

Suffer1ing has released a 17 minute video (730MB) titled Sorrow. This video contains a collection of demos, all put into one file for your viewing pleasures. The video features the following people: abso, b!o`hAzzard, b3ast, CopperHead, cYmoZz, dakilla, d1ablo, dor, drad1k, kane, karunesh, killa...


Quake 4 Q4F Gameplay Videos, Round E3!

Ah yes, that time of the year we gamers can't get enough of is here. E3! And it sure has been exciting. Infact we here at Q4F thought we'd join in the fun and release some more clips of our early internal alpha build and give you, the public, more of a taste of whats to come. In these 2 videos we a...


Quake 4 Quake 4 Fortress Weapon Renders

Here you'll see renders of the Double-Barrel Shotgun, used by many classes (Soldier, HWGuy, Spy, Engineer) as a backup weapon, but it still packs a punch; Flamethrower, one of the pyros unique weapons, this sucker will set anything on fire; and the Railgun, an Engineer specialty, being redone and tw...


Quake 4 More Ingame Screenshots

Raheel took the liberty of sending in some ingame screenshots for us all to see. These screenshots are from the intitial cinematics and the first 2 levels. Check them out below, what a wonderful game this is.


Quake 4 A Quake Movie After DOOM?

SCI FI Wire reported this week that a Hollywood movie based on the Quake series had been envisaged long before that of DOOM was even in production and that id Software would very like pursuing this idea. "There has been talk about a Quake movie," Hollenshead said in an interview. "We would be int...


Quake 4 More Screenshots at IGN

IGN managed to lay their hands on even more screenshots of Ravens upcoming shooter. These shots show even more ingame beauty and of course a peek in the development of the game. Although screenshots released just show the good side of the game, but if the latest multiplayer trailer is any indication...


Quake 4 QuakeScopes

QuakeScopes is a astrogical guide that can tell what will be your favorite weapons, how much frags you will have in Quake 4, etc. So check it out.


Quake 4 New Quake 4 Singleplayer squad screens

Gamespot has released 10 new screens of Q4 Singleplayer campaign. Check them all at Gamespot


Quake 4 Quake 4 Realm Wallpapers Released

Quake 4 Realm released a set of wallpapers for you to enjoy. Some of the wallpapers actually look quite good. Of course nothing can beat a real Quake 4 wallpaper but for the time being these are the perfect way to flourish up your desktop. These wallpapers are located in the gallery on the Quake 4 R...


Quake 4 New Screenshots

Game Reactor has released some new screenshots for Quake 4. The screenshots are good quality and they show us some more action for this game. I've added one below but you should head to Game Reactor to check out all the new ones that they've released.


Quake 4 New Quake 4 Screenshots

6 new screenshots have been made available and they're high resolution. They look really cool and give an impression on what to expect. Also added is a Quake 4 Gladiator concept art image.Check out these beauties below and let the commenting begin ;)