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Calling All Modders

User Slayer_2 has sent us this heads up for any modders out there wanting to help on his final project for Quake 4. [quote]Hello everyone...

0 14 years ago
The Ancient Truth Mod Update #2

The Mechanical Brain SoftWorks has released another update for their mod: The Ancient Truth. For those that do not know about this mod, its ...

0 15 years ago
Team Blur Is Looking For More Modders to Help

Team Blur let us know that they are looking for more talented staff to help move their mod along, read below for what they had to say: [q...

0 15 years ago
Delta 2 Alpha in March

SyncError has posted the news in his channel topic, #Delta on Quakenet. There should be an alpha release at the end of march. As you might e...

0 15 years ago
"The Ancient Truth" a new SP campaign for Quake 4

Mechanical Brain Softworks announced today "The Ancient Truth", a single player campaign for Quake 4 which follows the original storyline of...

0 15 years ago
Quake4 HardQore Final Release this month

The release date for the Final build of HardQore is December 21! It will come in both manual and self installing packages. Along with the ...

0 15 years ago
HardQore Final Release Soon

There is always a time when a mod team comes to a point when it is time to hang up the coat and move on and unfortunately this time has come...

0 16 years ago
Q4 HardQore Coming Soon

The HardQore mod team has sent up an update one what is going to happen since the release of the 1.4.2 patch. [quote] With the 1.4.2 pat...

0 16 years ago
Q4 HardQore March Madness

Revility has set us an update on the hardqore mod to prove that they are still alive and kicking. Seems that the new version of the mod that...

0 16 years ago
Multiplayer Coop Available

From the makers for OpenCoop for Doom 3 brings over the love to Quake 4 in their OpenCoop TechDemo2. This mod will allow you to play your si...

0 16 years ago
Q4Max Server Crash Fix

It seems that people hosting servers with the Q4Max 0.78 mod have been having some troubles lately with server crashes. The Q4Max mod team h...

0 16 years ago
Quake 4 Fortress XT Official Server

The mod Quake 4 Fortress XT has their own official server up and running hosted by escapedturkey. The server can be found at ...

0 16 years ago
HardQore Revamped

[quote] We’d like to wish all the Quakers out there happy holidays. As a gift, we’ve released a new version of the website. While havin...

0 16 years ago
Q4 HardQore Beta this weekend!

As of today, the plan is to release the first beta of HardQore to the public this weekend. Along with the 6-map demo, they will be releasin...

0 17 years ago
Q4 WoD 3.13

Good news folks! The time has come for a new version of Q4 WoD to debut. WoD 3.13 is now available for public consumption. This version come...

0 17 years ago
ModDB Interviews HardQore

Some of you might remember a while back we introduced you to the HardQore mod. If you don't remember its the only side scrolling mod that is...

0 17 years ago