Submitting Your Files. Please Read

I have a request to all the Quake 4 moders who submit files to us. As most of you know when you submit a file it goes into our inbox and wai...

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Position Openings

Got a few more open positions. Love the game and you would like to help out? Don't waste time and apply now if you have a decent understandi...

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Submit your PotD's

We here at Quake 4 Files have finally ran out of PotDs and need your help. We would like everyone to at least send one PotD that has to deal...

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Quake 4 Files Looking for Staff

The Quake 4 Staff is running a bit dry these days so here we go again looking for helpfull staff that would like to help keep site up and ru...

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Submit Your Clan!

After the apparent success on our sister site, EFFiles, I thought it might be a good idea to do the same here at Quake4Files. There is no re...

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Like this site? Support us and register an account. Registration is free and gives you access to the comment section, the ability to send in...

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Need free hosting for your Quake 4 modification?

Are you creating a mod? Are you a hardcore mapper, modeler or skinner? Do you need a place to call home? Well, Q4Files.com would love ...

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Submit your files!

Have you created something for Quake 4- be it a skin, a wallpaper, a tutorial, a sound track, a map, a mod or whatever - and wish [url="http...

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Staff needed

Q4 files need staff. Contact me on my E-mail ( [email protected] ) or MSN ( [email protected] ) if you think you can do it....

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New Site admin

Hello, I am Sauron191, I will be working on SS2 files as a site admin too. Until they are finished I will help here sorting things out. You ...

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ET: Quake Wars | Screenshots Page

Here you will find the best resource for ET: Quake wars screenshots. We will keep the page up-to-date with the latest screenshots from aroun...

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Welcome To Quake 4 Files!

Welcome to Quake4files everyone! This is the networks newest site and will focus on Quake4. The game is currently being shown at E3 so we ca...

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