Cepheus - Quake deathmatch

A little 1v1 deathmatch level providing vertical action. Despite its multiplayer purpose, it aims to look good, create mood and immersion. I...


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A little 1v1 deathmatch level providing vertical action. Despite its multiplayer purpose, it aims to look good, create mood and immersion. It's a proof of visual concept for a future single player episode.

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Download 'dm_cepheus_markv.zip' (6.89MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 17th March 2019 8:52pm

Map name                : Cepheus

Date of completion      : 15/07/2015
Author                  : Adib Murad
E-mail address          : adib.murad@gmail.com
Website                 : www.adibmurad.com

Description             : A little 1v1 deathmatch level providing vertical action. Despite its multiplayer 
                          purpose, it aims to look good, create mood and immersion. It's a proof of visual 
                          concept, for a future single player episode.

Additional credits      : Gregorio Calleres (http://www.calleres.net/) for the soundtrack "Andromeda"

                          Sky texture is a derivative of this image: 

                          Two rosette textures are derivative of portuguese stucco artist 
                          Antonio Enes Morais (http://www.floroes-gesso.com/)

                          Skybox is a derivative of "flatrock" by amethyst7 aka Chris Matz.

                          Item and weapon textures are from Quake Revitalization Project:

                          iD Software for Quake and its stock teleport texture.

Special thanks          : FifthElephant, Shambler, Spirit, MFX, Skacky and QuakeOne community for their testing 
                          and valuable feedback.

                          Ericw for his amazing work on Tyrann's amazing light compiler, which beautified 
                          the level significantly: http://ericwa.github.io/tyrutils-ericw/

                          John Fitzgibbons aka Baker, who provided support on his Fitzquake Mark V engine.

* Play Information *
Game                    : Quake. Tested on Fitzquake Mark V and EzQuake engines.
Single player           : No
Cooperative             : No
Deathmatch              : Yes
Difficulty settings     : No
New sounds              : No
New graphics            : Yes, my Eclectic Architecture texture set and original skybox
New music               : Yes, "Andromeda" by Gregorio Calleres (http://www.calleres.net/)
CD track #              : 01
Demos replaced          : None
WADs used               : Stock Quake, my own
Misc info               : This map should be played with a quake client that supports ".lit" lighting files 
                          and "{" fence textures.
                          Fitzquake Mark V is recommended.
* Construction *

Base                    : None
Editor(s) used          : Worldcraft 3.3 build 1315
Build time              : 3 months.
Known bugs              : None

Compile utilities       : Ericw fork of Tyrutils' QBSP, VIS and Light.


Along with Quake content files (pak0.pak and pak1.pak), you will need a modern engine, like Fitzquake Mark V
or EzQuake.

Extract the map's archive in your quake\id1\ folder. After that, run Quake and press the ~ key (or ┬▓ key) to bring
down the console and play the map by typing this: "map dmcepheus".


Neither I or id Software, are responsible for any damage these files may or
may not cause.  However, it is highly unlikely that any damage will be
caused as a direct result from these files.

Other authors are permitted to use this level as a base to build additional 
levels, provided they include this dmcepheus_readme.txt file and mention 
in the credits:

"This level is based on Cepheus, by Adib Murad. Please see dmcepheus_readme.txt for details".


By extracting files from this archive or otherwise using this archive or
the files contained within it, you agree to abide by this statement:

This level is copyright 2015 by Adib Murad. All rights reserved.
Distribution of the files outside of the original archive
dmcepheus.zip without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.  
Permission to use, copy and distribute unedited copies of this file 
-- dmcepheus.zip -- is hereby granted, provided that no fee is charged 
for the use or availability of this file (other than the normal connection 
costs for on-line services, if applicable). The above copyright notice and 
this permission notice must be left intact in all copies of this file.

Commercial distribution of this file, in whole or in part, requires 
prior written consent from the author. Commercial distribution includes 
any means by which the user is required to pay either for the support 
(e.g. book, newsletter or CD-ROM) or for the file itself.  Unauthorized 
commercial distribution is prohibited.

If you wish to commercially distribute this file, note the following:

(1)  This file contains intellectual property (including, but not 
     limited to, textures and other artwork) owned solely by Id 
     Software (www.idsoftware.com), and is subject to any and all 
     copyrights held by them.  The author does not have authority 
     or permission, either expressed or implied, to grant usage of 
     Id's copyright, and, by granting permission to use this level 
     in a single commercial release, does not claim or waive their 
     rights thereby.

(2)  Permission is granted by the author for the one-time commercial
     distribution of this file if all of the following conditions are

     (a)  The author is notified by email prior to the file's inclusion 
          on any commercial release;
     (b)  The author is provided with one (1) "contributor's copy" of
          the finished product upon it's release.  Said "contributor's 
          copy" is to be sent to the author using the shipping address 
          specified by the author in his/her reply to the publisher's 
          initial email notification, and is to be provided at no cost 
          to the author;
     (c)  This file (including this copyright notice) is not to be 
          modified in any way, and shall be distributed as the author 
     (d)  The author retains all relevant and proper copyrights to this 
          work both prior to and subsequent to the commercial release of 
          this file;
     (e)  The publisher obtains prior written consent from the author.

(3)  By requesting a shipping address from the author, the publisher
     signifies acceptance of, and agrees to abide by, these conditions.
     By returning a valid shipping address to the publisher, the author
     thereby grants the publisher one-time usage of the author's 
     copyrighted work for commercial purposes.

Thank you for your interest in this work.

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