Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century v1.53 Patch

The penultimate official patch for Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century.


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The penultimate official patch for Railroad Tycoon II: The Second Century.

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Railroad Tycoon II - The Second Century           
                       History File - 23 June 1999
                               Version 1.53


       1 Overview         
       2 Change History     

1) Overview
The original release of Railroad Tycoon II - The Second Century was 
version 1.50.  It incorporated all patches for the original Railroad 
Tycoon II (through 1.05) as well as incorporating support for all 
the new features in the expansion pack.

2) Change History

--Changes in 1.53 Version--
A) Fixed bug when using waypoints on Metra maps

B) Fixed campaign scenario #7 (Supertrains/France) so that gold victory
now registers correctly.  This fix does not require a new version of the
scenario, just the updates in this patch.

C) Reduced train breakdown/wreck frequencies as follows.  After 1920
breakdown frequency is decreased 15%, and the odds that a breakdown is
in fact a wreck are also decreased 15%.  After 1970, each chance is 
reduced another 15%.  Overall, this means less breakdowns and a lot
less wreckes for the modern trains.

D) Added a cheat - hit <TAB>, then type nowreck to eliminate train
wreckes altogether.  You can also pass this in as the command line 
option /nowreck.  Example:

"C:\Program Files\Railroad Tycoon II - TSC\RT2_TSC.EXE" /nowreck

(Note: Version 1.52 contained only minor modifications for 
European language issues, and was never released independently)

--Changes in 1.51 Version--
A) Fixed problems loading and playing games saved in the original 
version (including the tutorial).

B) Changed the availability date for the TGVx (prototype) to 1955 from

C) Fixed the help text for the editor A.I. controls

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