Red Dead Redemption 2 app suggests PC version coming

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

We've long hoped (and suspected) that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming to PC, despite the failure of the original due to technical problems, but now there's even more reason to be hopeful thanks to a discovery made by Rockstar Intel within the games' companion app for iOS and Andorid.

The app contains parameters within it's config files, the key ones of interest to us being;

  • PARAM_companionAutoConnectIpPC
  • PARAM_Oculus
  • CommandIsPcVersion(void)    000000000166A12C

Of course, the first and last commands suggest a PC version outright, while an Oculus flag not only suggests a PC version, but Oculus Rift support.

This could of course simply mean there will be a PC version of the companion app, rather than a full PC release, but this seems unlikely to us, given it's unlikely you'll want to use a companion app on a PC to a console only game, and the Oculus reference only further re-inforces the idea of this pointing to a full PC release.

Of course this isn't a confirmation of the game coming to PC, and Rockstar could simply be covering all bases, or this may be something else entirely, but it's another hint towards the idea that a PC version may come..... one day.

In the mean time this author has once again been forced into buying a PlayStation due to his impatience, so, thanks for that, Rockstar.

Stay tuned to GameFront for any more news on the PC release of Red Dead as it happens.

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1 month ago by Lindale

If it does get a PC release, will Rockstar allow us to mod it?

(By that, I refer to when Rockstar issued that Cease and Desist to OpenIV.)