Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack album coming

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a phenomenal score, and for those of you who've been dying to give it a listen during your weekly workout, commute to work or while lounging around the house in your briefs, good news; the full soundtrack is releasing this August 9th.

The soundtrack was composed by Woody Jackson, who incidentally also worked on the original Red Dead Redemption, in collaboration with Bill Elm. The album will contain all the main and incidental music from the game, and will feature over an hour of musical goodness.

Titled The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Score, it will release on iTunes on August 9th, and is available now for pre-order.

Something to listen to while I pine away for my PC release of the game, then...


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