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Tools Pack/Unpack & GUI

handy interface for these tools, developed by Brian Wychopen. With these tools the game files can be extracted, edited and repackaged, allow...


Tools RF: G Unpack/Pack Tool

simple GUI.


Tools Red Faction: Guerrilla VPP Tools GUI

Are you tired of using the commandline just to pack/unpack your mods. Download this addition to Gibbed's VPP Tools and get a nice looking GU...


Tools RF:G Texture Editor

This tool allows you to open a CPEG/GPEG texturelibrary used by Red Faction: Guerrilla. You canthen extract the images from within the libra...


Tools Convert ASM

This tool can be used to convert ASM Files to XML and vice-versa. This tool was developed by Rick (Gibbed)


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Tools Original Misc.vpp_pc

For all those among you who forgot to backup your misc.vpp_pc file before messing with it, here is another copy, good as new. Saves you the...


Tools Convert VINT Doc

This tool allows you to convert vint_doc files to vint_xdoc. It has a commandline interface. This tool was developed by Rick (Gibbed)