Pack/Unpack & GUI



handy interface for these tools, developed by Brian Wychopen. With these tools the game files can be extracted, edited and repackaged, allowing the game to be modded. Most of the game files describing items, characters etc. are contained in "buildpccachemisc.vpp_pc", where build will be in whatever directory you installed the game to (default being "Program FilesVolition IncRed Faction Guerrilla"), so this file is as good a place as any to start playing around. The useful files in here are the .xtbl files, which are very similar to .xml files, and are structured in a very similar way to the .tbl files from the original Red Faction.If you want to see examples of how mods are done there are a few floating around the internet, just type "Red Faction Guerrilla modding" into google.Good luck guys, hope to see some mods popping up soon! ~ BPJon


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