This Mod Gives Resident Evil 2 Remake The Dino Crisis Touch

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

While Resident Evil 2 may have been given a lot of love and attention with it's recent remake, there's no such activity for another popular survival horror series, namely Dino Crisis, a series which hasn't seen a new game since 2003,  with Capcom categorically stating they have no plans to revive the series.

Enter the modding scene, naturally, with this pretty awesome mod that modifies the characters and weapons in Resident Evil 2 remake to those from Dino Crisis. Both Regina and Morton replace Claire and Leon respectively, and infamous Dino Crisis weapons such as the Glock are now to be find in the main hall of the police station, with other changes across the game to costumes, weapons and placements, to give the game a real Dino Crisis look and feel.

It's not quite a total conversion, and it may not be compatible with the new DLC pack for the game,  but if you've been pining for some more Dino Crisis fun, this mod is one way to get your hit while you wait in hope for Capcom to one day change their minds.

You can grab the mod now from the fine folks at NexusMods here.


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