Retroninjacyberassassin Demo (Pre-Alpha)

Retroninjacyberassassin is a heavily retro-inspired, fast-paced beat 'em up and hack n' slash game with platforming, loot, and...


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Retroninjacyberassassin is a heavily retro-inspired, fast-paced beat 'em up and hack n' slash game with platforming, loot, and rpg elements. Transport yourself to an alternate early 1990s, where first person games began as an adaption of beat 'em up and hack n' slash games, rather than top down and sidescrolling shooters.

The Cybersoul corporation has become the world's largest manufacturer and media group; using their financial power to influence world governments and create their own cyborg militia, Cybersoul becomes the only authority on the planet. Having purchased every media outlet on earth has allowed Cybersoul to maintain their control over the masses without question, except for one lone newspaper with a tenacious reporter with a fierce skepticism of the corporate giant. A newly drafted merger threatens to take ownership of the newspaper, unless, one of their own, a cyborg ninja known only by his manufacturing number, 6617, exposes the nefarious plot as he begins to discover it himself.

This is a pre-alpha demo of Retroninjacyberassassin.

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Released: 24th March 2021 11:30pm

===Retroninjacyberassassin v0.0.0.3 Preview Readme===
Please read "installation instructions.txt" for details on installation
Please read "mod support.txt" for details on modding and running mods

[[Fixes and changes:]]
+Added new npcs played by real actors
+Increased Pacing
+Fixed Gib Sprites
+Minor Changes to Some Maps
+New Alternate Ninja Star Attack
+Added new levels and a hub
+Added NPC assigned story objective
+Implemented Platforming
+Fixed Currency System
+Added arms dealer
+Added Ninjas With Katanas
+Added Ninjas That Throw Stars and Use Katanas (prevalent in higher difficulties)
+Balancing and Loot system Changes
+Added new original music by Død Beverte to levels 1,2, the hub, and the labs (first mission assigned in the hub)

[[Known Issues]]
*Controls: DO NOT bind toggle crouch; in dialogue xbox and mouse controls are buggy (workaround: press the number key corresponding to the number shown to the left of the dialogue option you wish to select)
*Some walls in level 2 may allow ninja stars to pass through or stick into them (sometimes they can be retrieved when sticking out of a wall)
*Some health pick ups may be reduced when blocking with the katana
*Weed and blocking with a katana both postpone fall damage, stop blocking if player will not die after falling or wait for weed to wear off

[[To do before v0.0.0.3 official:]]
-Add One New Enemy Type
-Fixes To Lighting

--Contact information--
Discord: An00bus#4956

Runs on id tech 1 and the Zandronum engine 3.0 source port, based on skulltag. Uses modified versions of MENUDEF, conversation, and Zombieman source code from zdoom.pk3 and the ZDoom Wiki, as well as modified code from Universal Doom 2 Intermission Screen Mod by Reactorcore Games.

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