Return to Castle Wolfenstein

World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're...

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.42 Unofficial Patch 1.58MB 555
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Mod - RTCW COOP v0.9.5 15.61MB 199
Map Fix: Norway 371KB 48
CricleJumpBeta2.pk3 7.05MB 155
Fatal Freight Station Map 16.92MB 185
Arkot Mappack 74.86MB 88
Arkot Mappack 76.76MB 222
Modifying a BSP File (Binary Space Partitioning) 139KB 39
Wolfenskins Reich Re-Animation 14.12MB 941
Wolfenskins Axis Mechanics (SP) 2.41MB 500
SP - Wolfenstein 3D 22.51MB 1,074
RTCW Map Downloader 39KB 121
Return to Sexy Wolfenstein - SP skin pack 1.46MB 451
sbaweapsounds3 938KB 51
sbaweapsounds2 938KB 35
SBA weapsounds 932KB 112
Omni-Bot 6.66MB 390
mp - Braundorf 9.65MB 165
Supply Depot 9.38MB 139
Pirate 4.48MB 101
mp Natterbase 15.05MB 101
Braundorf 9.93MB 119
Peñarol vs Nacional 7.15MB 59
Operation Redwolf - Muliplayer 18.19MB 290
Jump Attak 1.34MB 208
Pharaoh's Curse - single player 227.14MB 1,590
Clonewar Village 19.88MB 986
TeamSpeak RTCW Sounds 5.27MB 654
Radar Bunker 5.81MB 161
Radar Bunker 5.92MB 189
Braundorf 9.29MB 221
Fast Attack, New Pharao, Murp 15.24MB 993
Return -SP 8.27MB 959
Relic Hunt 8.05MB 590
Stop Them 3.63MB 541
EPOWC 9.91MB 832
SP-5n4k3-wolf 4.57MB 468
The Fortress 2 50.34MB 1,127
BasOr 2 3.45MB 294
G-Rush 28.78MB 139
Stalingrad AS 5.85MB 249
Saboteur 47.43MB 1,529
The Rate is More Than Life 88.41MB 1,550
RTCW SP - Castle Keep 7.01MB 713
The Hill SP 14.68MB 1,288
Operation Trondheim: Iron Cross 97.33MB 2,721
Stalingrad - SP Mission 141.47MB 3,243
RtCW-SP-Mission: Stalingrad 527.57MB 3,110
Wolfenstein Font 6KB 3,087