64 Teams Approved for QuakeCon

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Well the 64 teams that will be lucky enough to attend quakecon are in although they are still waiting for 6 backup teams. The full list of clans & info about them can be found @ http://rtcwqualifiers.quakecon.org/view_tourneysignup.php?compid=314 & don't be shy to stop bye their irc channel on irc.enterthegame.com #qconrtcw . Here is the 64 team list.... [quote]Amnesia, HFD.RtCW, spOOks RtCW, plan-B, GamePoint, west Side wolves, Clan [Q3]QuakeCon!, Violent Infantry Brigade, #Reformation RTCW, Team Effect, P!MPS, Amish World Order, Ocrana RTCW, dot, [TAF]gaming, Immortal Combat Forces, Return To Germany - STORMIX, infensus, NARF!!!!11, Team Burque - RtCW, Reconstructed, Team Wat? RTCW, Barcodes, Team Exodus QuakeCon, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, imminent, FL/DD Alpha Team, High Voltage, Four Kings Intel, RedruM, All Guns Blazing UK, .:. Trinity, Clenched Fist, Team-Affliction RTCW, clan Kapitol RTCW, rewind ?, Team-Frontline, Treehuggers, Minions Of Rage, HOG, Fear Factory - resist, Online Multiplayer Gaming, Packet-Kids RTCW, Admin Clan, Clan MotherFraggers, RTCW Masters, Devil Stomper Battalion QC, de.nVidia rtcw squad, Instant Defeat, Eurostandard, panzer_bitches, SnapS, LQD, Wuger Kommand, O.P.P, Near Death Experience, Frag EveR Revival, Order Thru Chaos, UwF QuakeCon, one.soldier, 7angels, FL/DD Bravo Team, Distressed Office Space, 502nd PIR.[/quote]
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