A few words with XGameservers President, Victor Couture

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I had the great opportunity the other night to interview the President of XGameServers, Victor Couture. XGS provides game time on fast servers with great service. Any clan looking for practice or match time can find a great deal with XGS. Victor and I chatted for quite some time about XGS, his other company Dyzen Enterprises, gaming, life and a variety of other things. What follows was taken from my chat with Victor...
Servers that simply kick ass!
Session Start: Fri May 17 21:23:05 2002 RTCWFiles: How did you get started with the company, Xgameservers.com. Victor: Well, being in a clan for almost 2 years and playing multiplayer games since Quake 2, I am very familiar with the "we need a server for practice" problem. Looking around the internet at the different sites that host games, I just wasn't happy with what was out there, so myself and a clan mate decided to open our business and do it right, from a gamers point of view RTCWFiles: Cool, how long have you been hosting? Victor: We started putting the company together with our dedicated servers and testing every game we could get our hands on in December of '01 and we opened our doors on April 1 '02. We wanted to make sure that we would be able to host just about any MP game out there and be able to do it right with fast connections and fast servers. RTCWFiles: What kind of plans do you have for your service and how do you see the future of game hosting? Victor: Well, right now we have just added some new duallie P4 Xeons that will be coming online in some new locations very soon. As far as XGS goes, we believe that the best thing to do is to get into as many cities as possible with our servers so that we can provide the best pings and choice for our client. We are also working on the finishing touches of our new gaming league that will have monthly cash tournaments and we will also give discounts on our servers to participating clans as well. It's been my view that gamers really like choice as well as performance and cheap prices. Hopefully we can provide all three of those for our clients plus one more that we believe seperates us from the pack, service. You can ask any of our clients, our main goal is to provide the best service we can, including helping out someone who doesnt know how to run a server, setting up any mod or stats a customer wants, and all of this included in our monthly prices. We never charge for setups or any of the extras. As for the future, who knows? Hopefuly bandwidth and server prices will continue to drop so that gamers will have even more choices, of course we will work as hard as we can to make XGS the best option. RTCWFiles: Wow, so are you only in the Tampa area or are you currently in more cities? Victor: Actually our corporate location is in Tampa, however we have servers in San Francisco, Mclean Virginia, Atlanta, Houston, and new ones coming online in Chicago and New York at the end of the month RTCWFiles: Well, how about telling me about the people side of the company, how many employees / staff, what kind of schedules, 24 hour help / service?? Victor: We have 3 "full" time employees, myself, Ben Hampson our VP, and Jay Strybis our Web Designer. Ben is in Seattle and I'm in Tampa and we both are up until around 2 or 3 in the morning, respective to each of our time zones. So you have a very good chance of getting a hold of one of us. We also have 2 "part" time sales/techs that usually can be found at our IRC channel. Basically, we have service from 9am EST to about 2am PST everyday and as we add more people we will move to 24/7. The software we use allows clients to start/stop their server in case it locks up. We rarely have problems that require our attention on an emergency level. RTCWFiles: How about the technical side of the company? How many servers? How many games, on average, can run one one server? How much bandwidth do you offer / can you handle? What kind of connections? Victor: We are currently running 6 servers with 2 more coming online shortly. It all depends on the games that are on the server, some run more CPU usage than others. We test each server and monitor them daily to make sure each server never runs over 80% CPU usage. On an average 8-10 game servers on a dual box. We offer unlimited bandwidth for each server and we can easily handle whatever is on our servers. All of our servers are either on multiple OC-48's or on an OC-192. We dont put a server in a NOC without that kind of a connection. RTCWFiles: Wow, OC-192!!! That's gotta be great. What do you have at home, if I may ask. Victor: At home I'm running Cable. I have a new office being built for my computer company that I own and we are trying to get Cogent installed there, 100MB connection on fiber, I can't wait! RTCWFiles: Having an office built?!? Wow. Different company from XGS? Victor: Yes, Dyzen Enterprises, Inc. (dba Dyzen Computers) is my main business. I have been doing that for almost 8 years now. RTCWFiles: Dyzen...I don't know why, but that sounds familiar. Would you care to tell me a little more about that? Victor: Sure, most of my business for Dyzen comes from local businesses. We specialize in onsite setup and maintenance of small to mid-size networks. Everything from the machines, to the network cabling, we pride ourselves with great service. Within the past few months we have decided to go more into the retail end of things, but a little different than most computer companies. Our main focus is custom built modded computers. You can see one of our cases on our website, please excuse the mess my web guys are working around the clock to get it finished within the next 2 weeks but there is a frame of what it will look like up now, www.dyzen.com. Victor: You can also view a system we put together here www.totalkonfuzion.com/bk/new/system30.jpg and the entire folder, www.totalkonfuzion.com/bk/new/ is the building of that system. RTCWFiles: Nice looking system! So tell me about the specials. I see you have one running with JK2 and Destroyer Command w/ SH2 support. Briefly, what do I get for that one month? Also, how often do the specials change? New game releases, popular requests? How does that work? Victor: For 1 month, you get the server with ftp access to your game files, the ability to access your console and start/stop your server, a 250MB website with 50 email accounts and our dedicated support. We will be changing our specials every month, we also run "client specials" for our current customers. We look at the demand to see what servers we will have a special on, we had a lot of requests for a JK2 duel server, so we put that up. RTCWFiles: Tell me a little about XGameHost. Was this written by/for you? What OS's does it support? and out of curiosity and off the record... can someone use it on their own server, non-XGS? Victor: It's not written by us at all, actually my web guy put the "x" there. The program is called Gamehost and the website it comes from is www.xoanan.com/gamehost/ and anyone can have it on their own server. We have spent alot of time "tweaking" it to fit our needs and we are also in contact with the writer of the program in case we need help with something we need to do with it. So far it is very helpful and very stable. RTCWFiles: On your order page I can only order up to 32 clients yet I've been in a few games with 64 or 128 (crazy!) Can someone order more than 32? Victor: Actually, for now, no. We have actually seen in RTCW that if you run more than a 32 player server it messes with the gameplay and the sound. We refuse to run a game that doesn't run good. RTCWFiles: Good policy. What kind of software / hardware holds all this together? What OS(s) do you use? Any specially designed software? Victor: We aim for service and quality above all else. RTCWFiles: That's awesome. We all dislike poor service. Victor: Most of our servers run on Win2k SP2. Our first servers are Duallie P3's 1GHZ with 2GB ram. The new ones are Duallie P4 1.8 GHZ Xeon's with 2GB of DDR ram. RTCWFiles: How about yourself Victor? Would you mind telling me about a typical day for you? Victor: lol, sure why not Victor: Well, it depends if I have any service calls to go on, but most days I'm up by 8 and out the door to some service calls for Dyzen. If its a slow day I can get back to the house by noon, sit in front of the computer till 2 sometimes 3 or 4, doing work on XGS, setting up servers, doing web work, answering sales questions in IRC. During all that, I spend time with my wife and my new 7 week old son, (he loves watching daddy play RTCW , lol) Make 3 practices a week and 1 or 2 matches for my clan www.totalkonfuzion.com. Oh, and I do all the admining for that clan too (I'm the clan leader) including the web maitenance and all that. If its a busy day, I'm out till 6 or 7 onsite working and then get home by 8 and still do all that other stuff. Did I mention I have a 7 week old son? lol, he sure does wake up alot during the night, gotta love it, hehe .. so I keep pretty busy. I dont get out much, but I like working especially on XGS, I just love the gaming community. We get a bad rap sometimes but all in all we are a good bunch of people. RTCWFiles: Wow, congratulations, 7 weeks!! I bet he does keep you a bit busy, but just wait til he starts rolling and crawling, woohoo, then you're busy!! Victor: lol, I gotta give alot of credit to my partner in crime Ben. He really is a huge help, he likes to handle alot of the service stuff and he does a very good job at it, too. Victor: We've been upgrading the Atlanta server this whole time we've been talking and he's been giving me updates the whole time. Ben is simply awesome and I couldnt have asked for a better partner. RTCWFiles: Yea, I love the gaming community too. There are some bad eggs now and then but the honest players gotta do what it takes to make them stop. Victor: Yeah, it's like any other family, there will always be issues, but we will also always be growing too, so eventually we all find some middle ground to cooperate on RTCWFiles: That's great to have such good communication. How long have all 3 of you known each other? Victor: I've been in the same clan with Ben since Dec. of 2000. I've know Jay since Nov. of 2001. RTCWFiles: Any outside interests? If you even have time! You sound very busy!! Victor: haha, Well actually I like paintball, haven't had too much time for it lately. I love going to the movies. I always have to tear myself away when a good one comes out. Other than that I try to get the beach whenever I can, since it's so close and it's always sunny down here. RTCWFiles: OK, Victor,one last question... RTCWFiles: With all this going on, family with a new baby, 2 businesses, expansion, new office being built... RTCWFiles: Do you still find the time you want, to game? Victor: Not as much as I would like. I still get in about 8 to 10 hours a week. Sometimes I get a little burnt out, but you just keep going. I've been home alot lately, spending alot of time with XGS and it gives me time to spend with my son at the same time, so that helps alot. RTCWFiles: Well, Victor, thank you so much for your time and it was a pleasure meeting you!! Victor: You, too and it was great meeting you. Take care. RTCWFiles: OK, time for some gaming I do believe... Have a great night! Session Close: Sat May 18 00:26:03 2002
Servers that simply kick ass!

Many thanks to Mr. Couture for taking time out to talk to RTCWFiles.


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