binBASH and Lynch under the scope...

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Got the latest interview in between binBASH and Lynch. Thanks to SweRTCW for the news & click source above for entire interview :). [quote] Mr.Selfdestruct from PlanetRTCW has made two interviews. The one with binBASH about Fear Factor´s game vs the mighty Narf. And the other with Lynch, from Narf about the Min vs [<<] game. SelfieP: How well do you know NARF? Do you know any members in particular? FF|binBASH: I don't know anything yet about the US Scene, but I was in contact with Da_G and Immortal. Arrogant People I think who need a lesson :> Mr.Selfdestruct: Do you feel there should be separate NA / Aussie / Euro qualifiers, or should the OGL just pay more attention to seedings. Lynch]NARF[:I hope that quakecon officials will learn from this mistake and fix next year's seedings either by simply reserving spots for euros and holding a euro tourney for the spots or whatnot Lynch]NARF[: I think the separate qualifiers are the way to go =) [/quote]

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