DeGeneration Interview + Mod Preview!

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Tunnleram of the DeGeneration team has taken the time to participate in an interview with me. For those of you who don't know, DeGeneration is a mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein which will greatly enhance the gameplay. It is not a total conversion like the Wild Wild West mod was, but DG is such an awesome mod and I am convinced it will shoot right to the top in the all-time favorite mods for RTCW. Here's what Tunnleram had to say: [quote] How long has DeGeneration been in development and when was the decision made to make this RTCW modification? The idea came to be about 2 years ago. Then after a bit of planning, the development started. I'd say we started work on it about a year and a half ago, but it really wasn't until 6 months ago when our core team fell into place that we started to make big strides in progress. What was the first major milestone DeGeneration hit with regards to the modification process? I'd have to say it was when we jumped on a server for the first time to test the completion of the core gameplay. After putting in the work it was nice to see it come together. Everything else just built on that from then on. During testing, I've noticed that you tried to keep RTCW's core intact while making DeGeneration. With the weapons and classes left unchanged, what's different about DG? The main new piece that everyone will realize when they play DG is the gameplay, but in terms of features we've added a bunch of goodies. There's movable MG42s, parachuting spawn points, parachuting supply boxes, victory cut scenes, real-time player stats and more. One of the most popular server-side modifications, Shrub, added some very helpful actions such as "shove" and the ability for Lieutenants to throw smoke grenades. Has DeGeneration added popular server-side features seen in other mods, or are their plans to? The smoke grenades would be a no, but we have a feature similar to Shrub's shove ability towards the bottom of our list. In terms of other features we've added, there's some necessary features for competition you might have seen in OSP as well as other competition mods. Will familiar server-side mods be able to run at the same time as DeGeneration? No, just as you won't see Shrub run with the OSP mod or Counter-Strike with Team Fortress Classic, you won't see that with DG. If there's a mod out there that uses a hook DLL then it's possible, but otherwise mods aren't normally built that way. What was the most difficult task the DeGeneration team conquered in making the modification? I swear my opinion of this changes almost daily hehe. Today I'd have to say fighting the clock is really tough. Sometimes you need a good couple hours to get on a roll and when you find your time coming in spurts here and there it can be difficult. Will the mod be ported to Linux and Mac OS? Yes. Linux has been ready for a while since our test server runs it. The Mac compile will be coming shortly and we hope to have it tested and ready to go before release. When I was testing, I noticed the game clock was counting up instead of down... Why is that? You were testing in sudden death mode. This means that there isn't a time limit. The game will not finish unless one team's generator is completed or destroyed. In that mode the clock is mostly counting up for reference when watching demos, coordinating team strategies, etc. Can you explain the different game types DeGeneration has added or plans to have and how do they differ from stock RTCW game types? There's technically one game type, but that game type is very configurable server side. You'll be able to setup the gameplay to determine how teams win, what they fight over, etc. In terms of differences between DG and vanilla RTCW, think of vanilla Wolf in as being strictly attack and defend. DeGeneration opens it up quite a bit so that both teams must defend and attack while controlling what's called the dropzone which is crucial to winning. There is more than one way to win so the gameplay can be dynamic and the design was made to require teamwork. Also, DeGeneration allows for current RTCW maps to run under it without a hitch. That's going to give players access to DG's competition features and any other features we put in. Level artists will also be able to truly expand on their creativity incorporating the new entities and scripting abilities into their current maps. How many maps are planned to launch with the debut of DeGeneration? There are 10 new levels with some nice diversity. Settings include everything from jungle to urban to arctic landscapes. And of course, the inevitable question, when is DeGeneration expected to launch? It's coming soon. There's a few things we still need to do and when those things are done it'll be all yours J In the meantime we'll try to keep everyone up to date on the status! Any other comments you'd like to add to the interview? I'd like to thank Buzzard, CWH_CWz, Codey, Demonspawn, Grayman & Rummie and all the DG testers! You're all a bunch of Degenerates and great work! Oh, and thanks for the interview! [/quote] Well you heard it from the head honcho himself. I'd like to thank Tunnleram again for taking the time to allow me the interview. DeGeneration sure sounds like a great upcoming mod. The best part about it is, it is pretty close to being done :rock:. As a part of this interview, Tram Design put together a short 30 second promo video showing the Drop Zone in action. Be sure to go check it out!

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