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Team Warfare has announced that they will be starting a Enemy Territory League in North America! Here's what they said:
We are pleased to announce the first major league in North America for Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The Team Warfare League feels the community is not only ready, but very eager to have the structured weekly competitive play that a league affords. As a result, we will be opening up sign ups for the league tonight. If you would like to start a new clan to participate: First register a personal account on TWL(using the drop down menu at the top of the page). Then simply go to account maintenance and create the clan from there. For Existing Clans already on TWL: The founder must go to the clan admin screen, then simply click on the “Join New Competition” button and select the Enemy Territory League. The TWL prides itself on attempting to listen to the various communities that develop around a game when making administration decisions and the Enemy Territory league will be no different. Being that it is a new game and this is the first league of its kind for it, we will be structuring it based on our previous experience in RTCW (the game from which ET is spawned) and observations of the ladder which has been in place for over a month now. I, being the admin for the league, look forward to soliciting feedback from the teams as we move through the preseason and towards the commencement of the regular season in order to make it a thoroughly enjoyable and competitive experience. The TWL ET League will be open to all teams who want to participate and there will be a wide variety of skill levels represented. Both who are new to the game and those who are extremely experienced are very welcome and are promised to have a great time during the season. For those clans unfamiliar with ET and are curious about the game, I’d like to point out that it is a standalone FREE, popular team-based game: (Links to download mirrors and information about the popularity of the game below) http://www.cached.net/index.php?go=main/newsarticle/single/5560 http://www.cached.net/index.php?go=main/newsarticle/single/5568 So if you are curious, give it a try, you may love it. You do NOT need to own a copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein in order to play it. The Basic Structure of the League will be as follows: Stopwatch Mode (10-20 minute rounds) 6 v. 6 Best of 3 rounds in order to determine who wins. 2 Panzer Limit 34% Heavy Weapons Restriction. (in order to limit the spam generated by Field Ops) The Preseason will begin in early August. We look forward to seeing lots of you and having lots of good games this season. We have lots of things planned in order to make ET competitive (while retaining its large fun-factor) and perhaps even some nice surprises down the line. If you have any questions regarding the league, the game or the TWL, feel free to contact me on IRC in #twl_rtcw on east.gamesnet.net (name: LoT-Warpath|TWL) or via email at: [email protected]
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