Imagine|Wolfmorder Report

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Well Its over... The first night of Rumble in the Desert is gone.... Never to happen again... However dont dispair if you missed it. I've got you covered for the results. The first point of the match went to Imagine. It was a easy point with no real notes of intrest. The Second point went to WolfMorder. Imagine set up a wonderful Dynomite Defense with everyone going engineer setting dynomite where the Wolfmorder people would come and then commiting suicide. What didnt work about it is that it left the sub open for attack and WolfMorder was able to capitalize on that. Third Point went to Imagine. I really cant say how wonderful this round was to watch. Imagine showed EXCELENT defence. There was a venom at the top of the stairs to plow down any incoming allies who attempted to enter the sub area by that route which was very effective. Imagine players seemed to be everywhere and Wolfmorder just could overtake them. At one point in the match a Allie engineer planted but was easily and quickly defussed. Imagine held off Wolfmorder for the full 12 min. Wolfmorder on the other hand seamed to just give up after that. They were scattered and didnt really show much effort. A Imagine engineer planted and destroyed the sub at around two mins into the round. The forth point went to Imagine as well. They planted at around 2:53 into the match. Wolfmorder tried to defusse and almost did but the engineer was mowed down by a MP40. Wolfmorder couldnt get the plant in time and the match ended. There you have it Imagine Defeats WolfMorder 3-1 My "final" thoughts: Both teams are set up in the clan world so there isnt really anything I can say that I wouldnt be called a fool and critized. HOWEVER this is my report so I'll say it anyways. I think you should watch Imagine in RITD because I believe they will rise with this leauge. A few times I saw wm members throw grenades that ended up blowing up another teammate. Also it seamed a couple times like they didnt really care WHO they shoot as long as they shot somthing. WolfMorder I think has met its match and will finnaly fall. Hey but my words aint the law. Tune into TsN and WolfTV and form your own opinions.

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