Interview With Activision Regarding Enemy Territory

22 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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PlanetWolfenstein has interviewed Activision's Jonathan Moses to discuss the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Included topics of discussion: The command map system, Covert Ops class, new weapons, bots, single player and multiplayer maps, community crossover between RtCW and Enemy Territory, plus more! Here's a quote from the interview: PlanetWolfenstein: At this point, what state would you say the bot AI is in? Is it complete? Jonathan: Right now or as of a couple weeks ago, the bots would play classic Wolfenstein as a seasoned veteran. During warm up, they'll shoot each other, they know what the objectives are and they know how to use special weapons like the panzerfaust really well. They're amazing, they know how to be a good lieutenant, medic, engineer or sniper. The functionality for the new classes like building a structure or Covert Ops isn't there yet as we're still balancing that ourselves, so we haven't put that into the bots yet. But they're really, really good. Complete interview available here.

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