Interview with POW Escape Mapper Codey

By KoRn-Warrior- 21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Today I interviewed the instant fame mapper Codey, who created the game-changing map POW Escape. He talks about everything from himself to why he loves mapping. Check it out. [i]Interview Started[/i] [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: Hi Codey [b]Codey[/b]: Hello [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: First off, can you tell us what you do, where u live, and some general info about yourself, expecially your rise to map-making [b]Codey[/b]: Well, I'm a C/C++ contract programmer living in NSW Australia. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: C++ eh, thats pretty impressive stuff. [b]Codey[/b]: oh.. thanks [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: what compells you to make maps? [b]Codey[/b]: I like to be creative, it's the reason I got into programming in the start, but programming can really only go so far to fill that need. Map making goes all the way from the creator to the end user, with nobody else inbetween screwing things or changing what you intend it to be. Near complete creative freedom. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: ya, i like it alot.....kinda like making your own world in a sense. [b]Codey[/b]: yeah, playing god. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: hehe, in a minor sense yes, what do you think of the sudden success of POW Escape? [b]Codey[/b]: I'm exstatic at the response to pow, much better than I ever expected, and it's a great reward after all those long hours. There are some major updates which I hope people like in the final release also. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: yes, when do u expect it to come out? [b]Codey[/b]: As soon as the phone company sorts out my phone line, hopefully next week. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: ah thats too bad, well what are you planning on doing next? [b]Codey[/b]: Death to Barbarossa is Wolfy's next big project, the guys have been working on different aspects, and I'm going to join in the fun once pow is set free. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: cool, Wolfy is your mapping is it not? [b]Codey[/b]: Wolfy is a team of mappers, modellers and coders of which I am the manager, They are very talented fellows. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: Will we be seeing any other maps out of Wolfy besides POW and Death to Barbarossa any time soon? [b]Codey[/b]: Well, soon is very relative, but they are all working hard on their respective projects, and the team project, some things from real life do get in the way sometimes, and people have to make a living and such, but we have several projects which just require a "finish up", hopefully they will be out soon. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: great, what do you think your favorite part of mapping is? [b]Codey[/b]: hmm.. really I enjoy all aspects, from the spark of the idea to implementing it, mostly I guess I enjoy seeing a idea come to life. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: Cool, do you design your own maps from start to finish?, or do others help with design or planning in any way? [b]Codey[/b]: I do the design from start to finish, but then I'm not immune from the input others put in, and pow has progressed alot from other people's input, it wouldn't be right to say that it's all my creative ideas. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: ya, i noticed you have really gone with what the public want. Any new updates to POW for its final that have changed from its beta? [b]Codey[/b]: there are some features which I have released info on: -Breakable windows in the labs -vent system extends into the labs -forward spawn for the allies -dual objective -"drivable" car -all sounds have been given an overhaul -visibility has been optimised, making framerate much higher in the lab area -and quite a few other features. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: very cool. It seems like it will be a fresh new POW. Can you tell us more about the Dual Objectives and the drivable car? [b]Codey[/b]: well, the "drivable" car first, the car in rc2 version was "pushable" in this version you will need to find the key for the car first, and then you need to start it with the key, but you know how hard cars can be to start on a winter night, it might start first time or on the 6th try. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: nice! [b]Codey[/b]: Dual objective I would like to keep a secret, for now. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: yes, understandable. Ok, well one more question then we got to wrap it up. [b]Codey[/b]: ok [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: Do you see yourself one day expanding to other games/consoles, or doing Graphics/gaming design as a carreer. [b]Codey[/b]: Level design and then game design are my short to medium term goals. Moving into other game engines will be inevitable at some point, maybe at the time that doom3 comes out. [b]KoRn-Warrior-[/b]: Well Codey, Thank you for taking time out of your busy scheduel to talk to me, Take care. [b]Codey[/b]: pleasure to talk to you as always Korn. [i]Interview Ended[/i] Again thanks Codey for sitting down for the Interview.

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