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RTCWStuff.com recently interviewed Chris, founder of YouPlayGames: [quote]Epiphany There's been some talk already about YouPlayGames, so I thought it was time to get the inside scoop on what this company is really up to. It turns out YouPlayGames is looking to hook us up with a new service that lets us play Return to Castle Wolfenstein for money. Since the guys behind the company are still working out the kinks and want to make sure the gameplay suits our style, they are doing a call for beta testers who can try out the new system and provide development feedback. If you're interested, just send your name, email address, telephone number to: [email protected] before Friday, Feb. 28. In the meantime, I thought you might want some additional exclusive news on YouPlayGames. The creator of the company, Chris Grove, took time away from development to talk for the first time about the upcoming launch. Stay tuned for more details in coming weeks. Epiphany What is YouPlayGames? Chris First, we're really excited about launching YouPlayGames with Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW), and now we're looking to you guys to help us fine-tune the system. YouPlayGames is an online skill-based gaming service that allows players to compete against each other for money and prizes. As implemented with RTCW, each player starts with a free life that is 100 percent intact. For each frag registered by that life, the player gets a percentage of that game's life cost. For example, if the life cost is $1.00 with an earn rate of 95 percent, then the player would get 95 cents for the frag. As the player moves up the ranks in our system, the player will be eligible for bonus earnings for each frag. On the other hand, if the player is fragged or the player leaves the game in a damaged condition, then the player will be charged for the life at the game's life cost rate. The life cost rate is going to vary from game to game as the service progresses. We'll have additional details for beta testers, once they sign up. Epiphany Why did YouPlayGames decide to start with Return to Castle Wolfenstein? Chris YouPlayGames studied several different game options before deciding on RTCW. The primary factor was the overall playability of the game. It's definitely one of the most fun games out of the 50 or so games we studied hard. The fact that PunkBuster was doing such a superb job on keeping the game fair and cheat free was also a major factor. Finally, name a better game to break new ground with. We thought RTCW deserved to be the first, as the original Wolfenstein 3D has many firsts associated with it. Epiphany What will be the minimum system requirements to compete in YouPlayGames? Chris All computer equipment and the Internet connection necessary to compete on YouPlayGames is the responsibility of the player. As long as a person using a Windows PC can play RTCW on a public server, the YouPlayGames servers will work provided they can support an ActiveX component. Playing on YouPlayGames does not require ANY additional resources on the system except for a 300k ActiveX component. YouPlayGames requires very little memory or CPU usage on the client side. We are working on Linux and Macintosh compatibility. Epiphany What will the minimum connection speed be? Chris This is up to each player to decide what's tolerable. Some players may feel comfortable on a dial up, while others may feel the experience is more enjoyable with faster bandwidth. Epiphany What maps will YouPlayGames use in competition? Chris We will rely strongly on community input for this one. Obviously the maps need to be fair for both sides. Maps with a protected spawn point on both sides will work well. There are some maps we feel will work great, as well as a few unofficial maps. Epiphany Will there be any custom maps only for use on YouPlayGames? Chris We are working to get customized maps suitable for YouPlayGames' style of gameplay. The maps available on YouPlayGames will be carefully designed and tested for fairness. Epiphany What kind of map makers are you seeking and how many maps does YouPlayGames need from them? Chris We're looking for map makers with a history of producing top maps. We're not looking for beginners or people without any public exposure. Several map making groups have made names for themselves by producing fun maps, and those will be the people we work with. Epiphany Will there be a client download that needs to be used, if so what will it be and how big will the download be? Chris The only additional software clients will need is an ActiveX control. The ActiveX control is about 300k. Epiphany Will all players have to use a preset configuration, such as video and bind settings? Chris Some aspects of the players' config will be set by YouPlayGames, while others will be open to the clients. Id Software and the guys at PunkBuster have an official set of CVars used for tourney play. I expect we will use these cvars, unless there is a need to make changes. Epiphany A lot of people have said this is just online gambling and it is illegal. Is YouPlayGames legal? Chris YouPlayGames is legal. The rules governing sweepstakes, contests, and games with entry fees and/or prizes are set up by each individual state. Our legal counsel researched the legal issues and they determined that fee-based games of skill with prizes are legal in all but 11 states (Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Tennessee, and Vermont). We will not make payments to people within these states, but they can still play. We have also added an age restriction to keep minors out of our system. Epiphany What do you want readers to take away from this interview about YouPlayGames? Chris YouPlayGames is committed to providing a fun, secure and fair gaming atmosphere. We value input from the gaming communities and will strive to maintain a close relationship with our customers. Because YouPlayGames is a commercial enterprise, we have the resources available to provide low-ping gaming, a feature rich community, and an experience that will change the way you play video games. Epiphany Thank you for your time and input on YouPlayGames, Chris.[/quote]

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