Justice -P- interview

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LoXiN: What got you involved in RTCW? Justice-P-: Played the demo and liked it, basically. LoXiN: What got you involved in Clans? Justice-P-: I've been clanning since 1997. I started out playing in QWTF for [HoG], and the one match I played was the first documented time anyone went all-defense in a team match. After that, Zentropa and I quit. He joined Gothic Terror and I played for [ATF] briefly before also joining Gothic Terror. I was in [GT] for a couple years until I got bored with TF and founded Paradigm Shift with Kow. We recruited a lot of TF players from various clans. Started out in Counter-Strike and then we moved to Frontline Force. After we got sick of the Half-Life mods, we decided to try Urban Terror for Q3 and that held our interest for 5 months until RTCW came out. We've been playing RTCW since January. LoXiN: What is your position in it? (regular member, schedular ,,leader ect.) Justice-P-: 4. Co-Founder, Leader and Iron-Clad Dictator-for-Life of Paradigm Shift. LoXiN: How is your clan doing? Justice-P-: Our clan is doing fine, thanks for asking! We are looking forward to the end of finals week so we can assume a normal practice schedule which will (hopefully) help us to improve. We've had a recent slew of close games and all of them have been losses, but with more practice I'm confident we could come out ahead in future close matches. :) LoXiN: How do you expect your clan to do in the future? Justice-P-: I think we'll continue to be a top10 clan in RTCW and hopefully once we can get more active and with regular schedule we can break the top5 again. LoXiN: What map do you think your clan is strongest on? Justice-P-: Base, Village, Sub, Castle, Ice are all good maps for us. LoXiN: What is your favorite class and why? (medic, lt, soldier, or eng.) Justice-P-: I play just about every class aside from LT, and I can say that I like each of them for different reasons. That's a wishy-washy answer but it's the truth. LoXiN: What is your favorite weapon and why? Justice-P-: MP40 because it's more accurate at medium and long range. Learn more about Justice-P- byt either tunning into http://tsncentral.com or going to theyre website at http://www.allping.com

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