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Let me introduce myself, my name is Carol Dansereau, I'm the founder of KOOL-ET.com

Its a new website which allows our members to upload videos of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. We also have a category for Other Games for those that dont have videos of Enemy Territory.

We have 8 categories of videos:

Skills: For those that want to show their skills

Scrims And Competitions: For clans who want to share their competitions

Maps Demo: For begginers who wants to learn a specific map

Cheaters, Hackers, etc: Videos of hackers and cheaters that got cough in a game

Funny: For those who recorded a funny video in their in game play

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars: Videos of Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars

Other Games: For members who have videos of any other games

Anything Else: Any non related games videos

We are the first enemy territory website who gives a video sharing website for those who love enemy territory.

You can read articles about us on planetwolfenstein.com wolfmap.de et.splatterladder.com and few other websites.

Thank you Best Regard KOOL-ET Staff

email: admin@kool-et.com website: www.kool-et.com

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