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After lots of testing and feedback by the Happy Penguin II crew (thanks Shitkicker) all the mods have been made and "The Delivery" is now released in its final state. OVERVIEW "The delivery has been made, but the Allies strike and steals one of the two packing cases. The Axis are now left with only one option, destroy the stolen case. The Allies take the same approach." FEATURES
  • It's a LARGE map, intended for at least 12v12 play, and "spawn equiped" for 32v32.
  • Dual explosive objectives, with good play balance
  • The foundry contains a central spawn capture flag
  • Drop down/retractable ladders at four points in the map
  • Elevators
  • Custom Textures
  • Custom Sounds
  • Monitor cameras for objective views CHANGES SINCE PUBLIC BETA
  • Initial secondary objectives removed
  • Wider corridors (including sewers) throughout
  • Small rooms increased in size
  • Upper attack areas near both objectives
  • Upper area near Allied objective
  • Redesign of upper corridors to stop the "Panzerfaust" corridor problem for the allied attack
  • Unusable buttons removed
  • Door ramps removed
  • Spawn redistributed in foundry to highlight lower exit
  • External spawn spread out to give more spawn locations (Defence/Base/Internal)
  • FPS increased in external areas
  • Elevators now run all the time
  • Lower foundry doors can now be opened/closed from either side
  • Now room/route added between Delivery Area, Store room, Sewers and Upper Corridor
  • New route added between Internal Siding and Coal Bins
  • Routes added from Internal Siding/Motor Pool to external tunnels
  • Terrain texture darkened for players who play with competition configs
  • Basement textures redesigned to show difference between Axis/Allied side
  • Clipping issues on Allied side addressed DONLOAD LOCATION
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