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Published by WolfUmbra 20 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Story quoted from above link: [quote] Return to Castle Wolfenstein was one of last year's hottest action games, and continues to be an online favorite today. This hasn't gone unnoticed by Activision, who appears committed to keeping the game alive via some new original content (a new official map was actually released today via a new RtCW patch), an upcoming "Game Of The Year" edition, and a new expansion pack named "Enemy Territory", which we got a good look at today, courtesy of producer Jonathan Moses. The expansion has 3 core components, all being created by different developers. The first (which was the bulk of what we saw) is a multiplayer expansion, being created by a developer called Splash Damage -- the same team that created the popular Q3 Fortress modification for Quake 3. The 10-man team is planning a good number of maps for the expansion, many of them conversions of levels from RtCW's single-player campaign. One of the maps we saw was a conversion of the "Forest Compound" mission (which you might recall as the first stealth mission in the game), while other conversions inlcuded the V1 rocket base and the Bramburg Dam. A number of small changes are being made to the game characters, most notably the engineer. In an effort to encourage more players to use the class, the engineer will have access to more weapons (including a new addition of land mines) and will even be able to build certain structures. One the missions requires the engineer to build a bridge, and he will also be able to build forward spawn points and other structures (such as guard towers) in specific locations. A new "covert ops" class is being added for the expansion, in many ways similar to the "spy" you'd find in other games such as Team Fortress. The character will carry a silenced Luger as well as the Snooper rifle (making its first appearance in multiplayer), and he can also disguise himself by stealing uniforms off dead enemies. The expansion will contain an advanced automap, which will show you the relative locations of you, your teammates and all the objectives on the map, which should help new players immensely. The map sits in the main screen, while a small window in the corner shows the live gameplay, so you don't have to worry about completely taking your eyes off the action when checking your location. A complete stats package is also being promised -- you can check your accuracy, etc, and stats will be reported to game servers, so you'll be able to go online and compare your stats to other players. The second component to the mission pack is a single-player episode, being developed by a developer called Mad Doc. This wasn't on display at the show, but the campaign will likely contain 2 or 3 small missions, spanning rougly 10 levels. Moses didn't want to give too much away, but did say that you'll visit Egypt during the mission, and that the campaign would have a definite focus on the occult. The final part of the expansion pack would be something fans have been requesting for some time -- computer-controlled bots capable of playing the multiplayer modes, being developed inhouse by Gray Matter, the original developers of RtCW. AI programmer Ryan Feltrin has been working to make sure the bots work together and exhibit proper behavior you'd expect on each map. We watched the bots in action on the Beach map, and they certainly seemed to know where they were going. The engineer would set the charge at the sea wall, while the rest of the team clustered around. Once the wall blew, they'd split up and take separate routes, but all heading for the document room, and then the radio room. The bots will follow your orders to an extent -- if you start doing something that doesn't mesh with the map objectives, they may still head off on their own. In a touch of humor, the bots shoot each other during the warmup mode ... something that most human players tend to do before each match. Tools are also being developed so map makers can add support for their own maps, which should be released along with the expansion pack. Although the multiplayer components looked like they were running well, seemingly far ahead of the single-player missions in terms of development, Moses says that there is still a lot of work to do on both fronts, so it will be at least a few months before the expansion is released. With any luck, the add-on will hit shelves before the end of this year.[/quote] Sweeeeet!
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