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Project Chaos.... a Singleplayer-Mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Xentor Games Entertainment Company (XGEC) Story: Angela Chaos, the owner of ChaosTechnologies ( ) and one of the most substantial people on earth, is driven by her vision to ease the woes of humanity by pushing the evolution of mankind ahead by a thousand generations. With the help of the ingenious and shady Dr. Adam Sandler, ChaosTechnologies develops the "Perfect Human", a genetically improved human being that is immune against all known diseases and much stronger and brighter than normal humans. While the public is very excited about this announcement, the men of the AntiChaosFoundation (ACF), a privately funded organisation founded by an unknown millionnaire, are not sure of Angela's declared intention. The ACF has tried to prove that ChaosTechnologies does not stick to the laws of science and to human rights for years and now, they accidently get the chance to look inside ChaosTechnologies and what they see raises more questions than answers: what does the government have to do with Angela's experiments ? Why resemble all ChaosTechnologies facilities a fortress ? What is this blue oscillating liquid that occurs everywhere ? Who is the cryptic man who observes Parker ? In a world full of questions without answers only one thing is for certain: Angela is intent on changing the world. And she's willing to use every ounce of her considerable beauty, charm, and genius to do so.
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