RTCW Nostalgia Tournament Coming Soon!

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Published by KoRn-Warrior- 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Planet RTCW and Clan Evolve present RTCW Nostalgia tournament, with classic rtcw settings hosted by some of RTCW's most dedicated and loving fans. Heres what the project leader Brian had to say: [quote]Signups start today, right now. #evolve.na message evolve-astro to signup your team or yourself! If you dont have a team, message me and if there's enough "loners" out there, you can create a team using that, or, I can direct you to some teams that need players to compete in the tournament and they may let you play with them. Anyway.. About the tournemnt. It's 7v7 format (hence the name nostalgia). No panzer limit, though I urge people not to get to crazy with it... you know what I mean you assault spawn camping newbs :P The config will basically be CAL.cfg, if anyone has any suggestions on what to add/remove, I'm willing to work with that as well. Also, I'll need about 2-3 more people to help me run this tournament. It will start in 3 weeks, and I hope everyone will signup as this is basically a fun tournament and to help the community. I'm getting nothing for this. I'm trying to work with some sponsors to get prizes, I have nothing to give as of yet, but I'm working as hard as I can to get prizes to the winning team and maybe the runners up as well... This is for you, the community, who read this, as well as want to work to be the best. Also, this tournament is open to North American players only, as I don't want to deal with the headaches of quakecon via servers to play the matches on. This is for everyone who loves rtcw, everyone who wants this game to live. #evolve.na message evolve-astro to signup your team, or individual players. Thanks! Brian Lewis evolve-astro Tournament Director[/quote] I'm sure more info will arise on this tournament, but check them out @ the mirc channel and im sure they can keep you informed on updates. Should be fun, hope some good teams join in and kick some ass!
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