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Interview with RivrStyx: by Det Pak Before we get to the interview, here's some interesting facts on RivrStyx: His first multiplayer map Callfire was released in June of 2002 and with his current release, Den of Lions, his 3 maps have exceeded over 14,000 downloads on RTCWFiles.com alone. His reviews have averaged a remarkable 9.0 ranking and the fans rank all 3 maps with an average of 8.4! RivrStyx is the administrator of the Guardian Server at IP: Having played on his server, RivrStyx is one of the most visible public-appearing mappers to test your skills against... and he plays as good as he maps, so be at your best! RTCWFiles: Thanks Dan for taking the time to talk with us, I'm sure your fans (including me) would like to hear your opinions on RtCW and the gaming industry as well. RTCWFiles: Tell us about yourself, where you live, and your basic interests? RivrStyx: I live on the east coast..Maryland to be exact. My interest is online games and the way they're evolving. I'm in awe of the graphics these days and try to put them to good use to give a feel of a place that could exist somewhere. Its unfortunate alot of players strip the graphics down to be so damn ugly. I think it takes away so much from the game if you have the hardware but choose to play with pong graphics. RTCWFiles: Den of Lions started out as a tournament styled map right? But evolved into a multiplayer dual objective? RivrStyx: Yes, well I saw how much of a headache it seemed to be for other mappers reading feedback in forums to make a tourament map and satisfy everyone. Didn't need the grief TBH. I just decided it wasn't the direction I felt like going right now. RTCWFiles: The map is very well received once again by the RtCW players. Your use of color/lighting and space is once again put to the test, how do you start with level designing? RivrStyx: I usually get an idea of what I want the map to be like...a town, a haunted house, something I've seen..etc. I make the main area the way I envision it. I then think about how I want the area around this to connect and play. Then I make whatever changes to that main area to fit with the various routes I want. Its never worked to well for me to draw to much out on paper... It's more of a place I'd like to be in my mind I guess and I change things as I go along. RTCWFiles: The premise of your 3 current maps released (Callfire, Resurrection, and now Den of Lions) have been... well to speak very liberal from your point of view on actual events or the times of the 1940's, not what you would see if you turned to WW2 history books for reference? RivrStyx: I'd see something like the forests of Bastogne (Belgium) being ravished by incoming fire or a town like Carentan (France) with the intense fighting that went on there as the troops tried to link up from the Omaha and Utah beach assualts. RTCWFiles: Are you intentionally avoiding copying history? RivrStyx: No .. not avoiding it but theres been alot of beach maps done. The frame rate might be a bit rough for how I'd like to do a Bastogne type of map but may do something like this at some point with a more historically correct town to capture. Callfire I wanted to have different types and levels of fighting areas in a town then just one dimension to it as in village. RTCWFiles: Many mappers are inspired by WW2 events or do historical similarities in the themes. Callfire, your first RtCW map started with a bit of non WW2 touches in it, the helicopters for example, but you later re-released the map as the nochopper edition. Was their strong opinions from RtCW players to do this? RivrStyx: The opinions were half and half since no helicopters were in that time period. I just thought it'd be different than just mortar fire again. But since half wanted them out I released the non chopper version. RTCWFiles: Your pre-RtCW mapping experience with Quake (in my opinion) has been a strong influence in your style. How much of the textures from the Quake series have you used in RtCW maps? RivrStyx: None... copyrights..lol. There's new textures I modified from RTCW or some texture packs I've come across on the internet. But nothing from the actual quake games. RTCWFiles: Do you play any of the "fan made" single player RtCW adventures? RivrStyx: No I haven't yet. Been meaning to though. Alot of talent out there but I didn't even finish the original SP. I'm more into the online interaction. RTCWFiles: Have you ever contemplated doing a single player RtCW adventure of your own? RivrStyx: I have in the past... heh. I did a 9 episode Doom SP and a 3 episode Doom2 SP. Their still on my site btw if anyone still plays Doom or Doom2. Not to say I would never make a SP for RTCW, at some point? But may wait for Doom3. RTCWFiles: Dan from my memory of Greek mythology the River "Styx" was the river of the dead, crossing over it by the boatman Charon to the afterlife. Does your alias have any meaning to that? RivrStyx: Yep. I've used the name since my first online game which was Q2. I figure after I frag you I could at least get Charon to give you passage across the river to your final resting place. Just remember the gold coins or you know what happens then... {Interviewer's note: If you're lost on the last question LOL catch the movie "Clash of the Titans"} RTCWFiles: What other RtCW mappers have impressed you with their work, and what are some of your favorite maps? RivrStyx: Menzel... I've liked all his maps and you can really see how he's progressed. Turbo & Pointy... "Schwalbe" kicks much ass. Nyalka with "Brescia" but I haven't really played it online which is to bad. Looks fun and well made. These guys stand out to me but there's numerous other maps (to many to list) that I've played and liked alot when hosting on the server I admin for the custom map games hosted by the -=GS=- guys. Theres alot of great mappers out there that do their best to keep the best team-based game ever from getting boring. RTCWFiles: There's been talk of your next map..a sequel to Resurrection? That map was in my opinion very well received from the RtCW gamers for it's design, and playability..I think a sequel would be fantastic..what's the word? The Allies in some games I played online did get away with the book of the dead..now what!?! RivrStyx: First I'm going to do a dual obj. Resurrection map that has been requested over the past few months. Some of the guys at HP2 {Happy Penguin Server} are the most recent to request it so I'll probably do that first. After that I am going to do a Resurrection: Axis Revenge map (prob another dual map) I think and yes the Allies get away with the book and the Axis zombies are in hot persuit. RTCWFiles: Dan it's been a pleasure, and thanks again for letting us get to know the man behind the maps! RivrStyx: My pleasure. And thx to the players that make it worth while overall...even with the ups and downs sometimes :) .I'd also like to thank my TLD squad mates (couldn't have done this without you all), our long time Den friends, and all the new friends at HP2 for all their support in the past, present and future.

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