RTCWonline.com Interviews Kevin Cloud of Id Software!

21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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RTCWonline.com interviewed Kevin Cloud recently of ID software. Although nothing really new was reported it's still worth a read. The topics range for Wolf 3d to ET. Here's a sample click source above to read entire article... [quote] RO: What is it about RtCW that makes it stand out from other multiplayer games? KC: Primarily, what makes RTCW multiplayer stand out is that it is designed from the beginning to support and reward teamwork. Also, the different character classes provide players a wider range of options in how they can contribute to the team. If a player doesn’t feel like they are particularly good at the faster paced shooting on the run-type skills, there are great support rolls like the medic and lieutenant that are still vital to win. [/quote] [quote] RO: Any hint of RtCW2 further down the road with the very impressive looking Doom 3 engine? ;) KC: The DOOM engine would be perfect for it. [/quote]

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