SW Mode ET Cup

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Details Description:simple sw-mode (1 Round),one map,6v6 gl&hf Tourney Start: 2003-07-20 18:00:00 Prize: honour Host: planetwolfenstein.de Number of teams signed up: 25 / 40 Number of teams checked in: 0 / 16 Team Size: 6 Map Round 1: RailGun Map Round 2: Battery Semi Final Maps: Fueldump Final Maps: Oasis Teams & Status
Team NameChecked In
fov (Leader: aleX)NO
C4 (Leader: Oferma)NO
goodfellas (Leader: piwi)NO
Game-Foundation (Leader: xxmAjexx)NO
Team-Helix (Leader: dom)NO
bananaclit (Leader: bc).Kalle)NO
-xL- (Leader: milz)NO
sQuad Damage (Leader: SaRuMaN)NO
westSideclub e.V. (Leader: wSc*MorBiuZ // wSc*fRm)NO
#qipler (Leader: cuBa)NO
Point Alpha (Leader: DAX)NO
Team Pottisvarri (Leader: skj6rvik)NO
Circle of Haste (Leader: FoX)NO
Iron Cross (Leader: [=||=]GrAszew)NO
poison (Leader: prosper)NO
SS-Roistot (Leader: Redcross)NO
electronic skill (Leader: yAgeru)NO
denSitY (Leader: dSY|Pert)NO
B!ohazard (Leader: B!-D3f)NO
Foundation of Global Players (Leader: Pablo Escobar , Sl33k)NO
GIGA-Fighter (Leader: GF Master of Disaster)NO
chris (Leader: cavalier)NO
Broken (Leader: Eutha)NO
maSTERBlasters e.V. - ET (Leader: mb`et`ltjax)NO
Head-Breakers (Leader: snaIk)NO
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