Teaz Puts Raziel Under Hot Seat!

21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Latest interview is in this time thanks to sweRTCW click source above to view entire artcile or read a sample below read it it's worth it... [quote] Teaz: Do you have any suggestions how to become a good rtcw player? Raziel: 1.A good and clear cfg, with lots of fps and high r_displayrefresh 2.High fov + low sens 3.Fov toggler is nice for mid/long range shooting. 4.Get a nice mousepad, and use tapes for getting rid of friction. The friction can be just the reason for not finishing the last guy in a frontal triple kill. Since you have to dodge and move the crosshair a lot, and be very precise. Milliseconds count then. Shoutout to Sod, with his online shop selling package solutions for progamers. You should check the site out. http://www.maxfps.se/default.asp (And YES Sod, I still use icemat now) 5.No acceleration. Simply move the crosshair the distance you move the mouse actually on the mousepad. Apply with the regfix for XP, if you use that. A thumbrule is that acceleration is no-go. But in fact, with VERY low sens, it can be helpful. Close combats can be hell with low sens. You are like moving the mouse back and forth like a nutcase. Swearing "stand still you mongo". Like I said before I knifed spear in my movie :> 6.Develop your own style, and stick with it. Most teams have a mixture of playing styles, but keep it balanced. Aggressive, defensive. And also know when to play both, if you can. 7.Play some 1on1 vs a buddy for developing and improving, not competing. And experiment with different aiming techniques. 8.Share your experiences with buddies in a clan, and help them improve, so you create a good environment inside a clan, and they will hopefully share with you if they find out something that will improve overall gameplay. It is a good feeling when you help out someone that wasn't that good in the start, but gained better gameplay because of your help. 9.Practice your reflexes. Juggling is a nice way to keep your eye-hand coordination fit =) There is also a lot of sites on the net providing small games for practicing EHC. They are also great for warmups. 10.And at last, teamplay > aim. [/quote]

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