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[quote]We at FalckonStudios are releasing our last version of FalckonET. After this release the team will work on the next version of FalckonET, called Wolfenstein: The Frontline. This will be a total remake. We have taken this decision becaue of many reasons,including major coding issues. This last F:ET version will hopefully be more playable and more entertaining to play. There is some server documentation and tank documentation at our website Please register and give us some feedback in the forums Download links at What will this final release include and improve? Changes/Improvements/Additions - Better accuracy for SMG's,due to changed spread and recoil system - Gametypes improved: TeamDeathMatch,DeathMatch and Capture The Flag - The Ironsights are now much more useful - Improved tanks. Fixed collision. - Various bugfixes - Supremacy gametype: BF1942 gametype with tickets etc. Main features - Weapon spread based on movement speed - ET-test grenade physics based on movement direction and speed - Realistic weapon rates of fire - Weapon recoil - Fuel canister to flamethrower players ( players which have ammo for flamethrower ) - New models: MP40,Stielhandgranate - Realistic movement speeds - Ability to move camera while wounded and waiting for a medic - Grenades explode when shot,can be toggled on/off with a Cvar - Rockets explode when shot - Added an emplaced Browning .30 Cal MG - Thirdperson and firstperson support for firing while leaning (with animations) - Custom Maps - Realistic weapon damage - Panzerfausts can be affected by gravity ( cvar ) - Player stance icons - New Stielhandgrenate animation - Cvar that will place guns to more realistic position - Weapon pullback when moving ( cvar ) - A comfortable command for toggling thirdperson - Cvar for panzerfaust speed - New animation for burning players - New Axis Wehmacht,Africa korps and Winter skins - New M1 garand sounds - New Colt 1911 .45 ACP sound - New Luger P08 sound - New Mobile MG42 sound - New FG42 sound - New Menu music - Kickable doors (g_wolfkick) - Selectable Facial Skin (like in TC:E) Thanks to the people that still support us after long development times etc! We need you guys : ) // FalcK, Co-Leader Jaquboss, Co-Leader Pytox, Mapper Kamikazee, All around Carebear Gerbalblaste, Sound Design Stealthy, Webmaster And the other guys that helped us out[/quote]
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