True Gaming Tournament Results

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Published by KoRn-Warrior- 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well, a few weeks ago i posted about the True Gaming Tournament hosted by [TLD]. This tournament is about all natural rtcw with no tweaks, variable changes, and cvar crazyiness. This is all about what the RTCW gods intended it to be, realistc. But anyways, the tournament went pretty well. {XES}, HR1, WSF, Sanrio, and 4-5 other clans were in it accompanied by the [TLD] tournament runners. They had setup 4 servers for the tournament and everything went very well. Heres the results Ant[TLD] posted on the forums: [quote]The Matches for Saturday, April 5th, 2003 Saturday 6 pm EST S| 3 -[ccp]- 0 {XES}2 - [TS7] 1 Nh| 1.5- [WFC] 1.5 ^HR1^ 3- (WCE) 0 Satuday 7:30 pm EST {XES}2.5 - [ccp]| .5 [TS7] .5 - S| 2.5 (WCE) 0 -Nh| 3 ^HR1 1^ vs [WFC] 2 Saturday 9:00 pm EST {XES}0 - S| 3 [TS7] 3- [ccp]0 (WCE ) 0 - [WFC] 3 ^HR1^ 1 - Nh| 2 Vampires Division S| 3-0 8.5 {XES} 2-1 4.5 [TS7] 1-2 4.5 [ccp] 0-3 .5 Ghouls Division [WFC] 2-0-1 6.5 Nh| 2-0-1 5.5 ^HR1^ 1-2 5 [WCE]0-3 0 PLAYOFFS S| vs Nh| {XES} vs [WFC] _________________________ Home Away Nh| vs S|---> S| 2-0 {XES} vs [WFC] ---> [WFC]2-0 Final Game [WFC] vs S|---> S| 2-0 [/quote] So, The first ever True Gaming Tournament is over, Congrats to Sanrio who are the champs. Hopefully TGT2 will be coming around soon, stay tuned for more info :).
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