Uranium Gamers is where its at for ventrilo, servers, and more!

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Uranium Gamers, started by Todd, is an up and coming multi-server hosting company. Spanning over many games, with hosting in Website, Ventrilo, and Game Server fields. Uranium Gamers is top of the line in service and quality (based out of Houston, Texas). Heres some more info from the manager of Uranium Gamers, Todd. [quote]UraniumGamers.com has added Washington DC to their arsenal of datacenter locations today, combining with Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA to further solidify the UraniumGamers name and show the world that they are indeed the real thing. To celebrate the new location, UraniumGamers.com is offering a special NO SETUP FEE sale for all of this week on servers costing $40 or more per month. (Save $25). Stop by UraniumGamers.com and ask Todd for details. Todd Belcher Uranium Web Solutions (http://uraniumweb.com) Uranium Domains (http://uraniumdomains.com)[/quote] Check this company out for your latest needs in Gaming and more!

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