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Published by KoRn-Warrior- 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well, i was browsing around and i found this page. Yes the main page is japanese but the server list is not. Heres what it does....it gives the server name, map, players, frags, and all info on server (including pure/unpure, etc.). Its not a server browser because you can't join directly from it but it does list the IP. You may ask, hows this different then any other server list. Well your server is on it, all servers are on it. Want to see whos on ur server before loading the server program or rtcw, want to see more info on server, or want to see whos on then check this out. Its a fully linkable website (so you can like ur servers stats to ur homepage [super good for clans]). Heres and example of it: http://wolfenstein.qlabo.com/qstat_wolf.php?IP= Thats the AZ_LINUX....ZWEI War Server, with full stats.....scores, pings, etc. It can be linked to anything and is great. What you do to change it is instead of it being: http://wolfenstein.qlabo.com/qstat_wolf.php?IP= it will be http://wolfenstein.qlabo.com/qstat_wolf.php?IP=YourServerIP (were it says YourServerIP, you type in your full server IP & port). I think this is a great thing for the RtCW community, i don't think its new but it is still helpful. Check it out!
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